Saturday, November 1, 2014

Rapid Fire Sports Review for Saturday November 1st

Rapid Fire Sports Review is a brief commentary on the stories that I find most interesting during the day.

I hope that you've recovered from a busy Halloween of trick-or-treaters. Now you can sit back and read my commentary on the stories I found most interesting today.

The Gambler

The Gambler Thomas Vanek should understand that "You have to know when to hold 'em. Know when to fold 'em. Know when to walk away. Know when run" (Kenny Rogers, The Gambler). OK. So Vanek isn't that Gambler but he was caught up in a gambling situation.

You know you have a gambling problem when you answer "It’s something I got caught up into" when you're asked if you have a gambling problem. I think he still does. That's my unprofessional opinion.

Vanek reportedly got caught up in gambling and owed thousands of dollars to a man who plead guilty to illegal gambling. Vanek was a witness for the government.

I sure hope that Vanek is taking his gambling issues seriously. Any addiction can harm how you perform in your job. As a Wild fan, I sure hope that Vanek doesn't have a gambling addiction because I believe that Vanek's performance on the ice will suffer if he does.

Driving 101

If you're Emmitt Holt, you should have learned in driving class that you don't hit your passenger after they've exited the vehicle. You should have also learned that you shouldn't drink alcohol when you drive.

Holt hit fellow Indiana basketball player Devin Davis with his car. Davis is in hospital in serious condition with a head injury. Holt was cited for "illegal consumption and operating a motor vehicle under the influence.

In Indiana if you're under the age of 21 you are considered over the limit for consumption of alcohol while operating a motor vehicle. Holt apparently had a blood alcohol content of .025.

Law enforcement say he wasn't intoxicated but he was drinking and driving and he is a minor. While the amount of alcohol he consumed might not have been the cause of the incident we won't know if the accident could have been prevented had he not been drinking.

Holt should be banned by the school and the NCAA and receive the stiffest penalty allowed by law. It's stupid to drink and drive. It's stupid for people under the legal age to drink and drive and now Holt should suffer the consequences for being a criminal and an idiot.

I wish Davis a speedy recovery and hope that he is able to lead a healthy and productive life.

Before any one asks if I drank as a minor or if I've ever driven after I consumed alcohol, my answer to both those questions is no.

Chemistry Among Criminals?

Jason Garrett held met with Dez Bryant and Joseph Randle (separately) after a verbal disagreement between the two. The disagreement occurred after a video surfaced that showed Randle making disparaging comments in regards to a couple of teammates.

Randle called out Bryant for hitting his mom and Brent for killing a fellow teammate.

Garrett also met with the rest of the team after he met with Bryant and Randle. I'm sure he wants to make sure that the chemistry in the locker room isn't harmed by this recent incident.

This is what happens when you have a bunch of criminals on your team. When you support an atmosphere of criminal behavior, you get nonsense like this and while the Cowboys seem to have improved greatly this season, you never know when things are going to boil over.

We'll have to see what happens going forward but I do think the best course of action for the Cowboys is to release Randle.

Kings of the Snub

Maryland's three captains refused to shake the hands of Penn State's captains before Saturday's coin toss.

The three men displayed poor sportsmanship. Actually there was a complete lack of sportsmanship and the three men should be stripped of their captaincy.

Maryland should also suspend the players for the remainder of the season. The school needs to instill character among its players and the three men need to be punished for their poor behavior.

Rapid Fire for Saturday

Which story did you find the most interesting?

The Gambler
Driving 101
Chemistry Among Criminals?
Kings of the Snub
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