Sunday, October 26, 2014

Yikes! Geno Smith Benched After Throwing Three Straight Interceptions

Geno Smith Autographed Jersey - XL Green Nike JSA HologramIn what is probably Geno Smith's worst game as a New York Jets starting quarterback (QB) (Geno has had some terrible games) he was benched after throwing three straight interceptions in Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills, all in the first quarter, Geno Smith was benched in favor of Michael "Dang...I wanted to be a backup" Vick.

Three straight picks in the first quarter? Saying Smith is a terrible QB doesn't even begin to explain how bad he is. Just when the Jets thought that Smith was turning the corner after two back to back good starts, Geno took 180 steps backwards Sunday afternoon.

Geno Smith left the game with a zero passer rating.

Geno Smith Should be Benched for Good

I don't think that Geno Smith is the quarterback of the future for the New York Jets. That's an understatement. I never thought he was. Maybe only Rex Ryan thought he was and he's supported and defended Geno Smith all the way through the QBs terrible play.

I'm not sure if even Rex Ryan can support Smith now but we're talking about the New York Jets and Rex Ryan. Ryan surely has to have enough common sense to realize that Smith shouldn't play another snap for the Jets, doesn't he?

I'm not sure he does but Geno should be benched for good, at least as far as the Jets are concerned. I'm sure there will be some bone head who believes they can work with Geno and make him an elite QB.

Geno should be done in the big apple, for the fans sake. They've endured bungle after bungle when it comes to the QB position. Rex Ryan is a good defensive coach but is terrible when it comes to what to do with his quarterbacks.

Now the Jets turn to Michael Vick in the hopes that Vick can navigate the offense out of the murky water that they find themselves in.

Is Michael Vick the Answer?

With Michael Vick taking the field on Sunday and likely for the remainder of the season, there is one question that I have. No, it's not "when will Vick get injured"? It's "is Vick the answer the Jets are looking for"?

I think that Vick is washed up and would rather be a backup QB. He's practically hinted at that. If Vick is able to remain injury free, the Jets will find out that Michael Vick isn't much better as the disasters they've had at QB before him.

The answer might lie in another draft for the Jets but they will need a capable and credible NFL mind to do the picking.

Unfortunately for Jets fans, their team is back at the drawing and building board. They have to start from scratch now and that will take a few years before they will see if they've build a winner.

If it has felt like an eternity for Jets fans to have a credible QB and offense it will be a few more years at least before the team resolves their problems. That's assuming they can find the right QB.

This is a disaster for the Jets. Geno looked like he was turning the corner and they had just traded for Percy Harvin. They believed that Harvin was the missing ingredient for the team's offense.

Now it will likely be Michael Vick's chance to work with Harvin to see if they can work some magic.

Geno Smith Benched

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