Saturday, October 4, 2014

There Should be Nothing to Ponder for the Minnesota Vikings

Christian Ponder Signed Photo - 8x10 COA Florida State PSAIt's taken me nearly two days to write this week's Vikings update. It's taken me that long to recover from their humiliating defeat to arch rival Green Bay.

Before I get into my diatribe, let me state that I do know that the whole team was responsible for the disaster that occurred on Thursday night.

With that said; I place a lot of that blame on Christian Ponder and that's because the QB position is the most prolific in football and garners the most scrutiny. Many Vikings fans have said for the last couple of years that Christian Ponder is not a good QB and should not be on this team.

It looked like his teammates were resigned to that on Thursday. It's not like they gave up but they looked defeated as the game went on and Ponder couldn't get anything going. It's obvious to me that his own teammates don't want Ponder to be their QB.

When it comes to Christian the Minnesota Vikings should have nothing to ponder anymore. They should dump him.

Christian is not a good QB

Christian Ponder makes a tough situation even worse by his indecisiveness and lack of judgement. Was Ponder pressured by Green Bay on Thursday? Sure he was but he did nothing to mitigate the pressure he knew or should have known was coming.

It looks like Ponder has a difficult time reading the defense of his opponents. What that means to me is that if he could read defenses or developing plays, his positioning would be difference. That would give him a little longer to react to pressure.

Ponder also seems to panic. It's not only Thursday's game where that was evident. You can go back two years and see that his has been a consistent and recurring theme.

Ponder continues to make rookie mistakes. That was clearly evident on Ponder's second interception against the Packers. It was a terrible throw and decision. For a veteran QB to make that mistake is an indication that he doesn't have what it takes to be a successful QB in the NFL and it also shows me that he shouldn't get another chance to take a snap for the Vikings.

There's not much more that I can say about Ponder that hasn't been said before.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings continue to bungle the Ponder situation. The fact that he's on this team this season is a disgrace and shows me that the Vikings believe they know more than every expert and every Vikings fan.

I don't think that the Vikings know more than the experts or their fans. I think that they have made a huge mistake in their dealing with Ponder and they're stringing him along. Any shot that Ponder has at making another team's lineup as a backup or even a third stringer next season is almost shot.

By allowing Ponder to continue to fail they have destroyed his confidence. Ponder should have been released last year and been given a shot at to start a clean slate with another team.

In most companies, the customer is always right. When it comes to the Vikings, their fans/customers are ignored and it seems as if the team is saying to their fans that they're always wrong. The team's arrogance and we're better than you approach to the way they've handled the Ponder situation has created a mountain out of a mole hill.

The Vikings get an F for the way that they've dealt with Ponder and that follows an F for the way they handled the Peterson affair. That makes this Vikings fan very upset. Soon we will be laughing stock if the team's approach and attitude doesn't change,

The Minnesota Vikings seem to be acting as if they don't care what anyone else thinks. They seem to act like they know everything. In many instances it looks like Vikings management and ownership knows very little.

Vikings and Ponder

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