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Seatle Seahawks Ship Percy Harvin to the Jets

Percy Harvin Signed Photo - 8x10 PSA DNA ID #74222The New York Jets have acquired toxic player Percy Harvin from the Seattle Seahawks. This was a move that took the league by surprise but it shouldn't have been a big surprise at all. When Harvin did take the field, he didn't establish himself as a breakout receiver and one that could be counted on down after down.

I wrote about Harvin's poor attitude in 2013 and provided and opined that things would be the same in Seattle.

It's not certain if Percy Harvin requested a trade or if his alleged poor behavior in the locker room forced the Seahawks hand but Seattle acquiesced to Harvins behavior by shipping him to the Jets.

ESPN is reporting that sources said that Harvin was a disruption to the team and also had "physical confrontations in the locker room with teammates".

If that is true and I'm inclined to believe it, Harvin seems to have anger management issues. This is not the type of player that I would want on my team. He's a toxic individual and a team that is in it to win it doesn't want that type of player, regardless of talent.

Seattle is a Winner - The Jets are...

Seattle wants to win another Super Bowl this year. They are focused on that goal and that goal only. They will not allow any individual to disrupt that goal, so they traded Harvin to the Jets.

The New York Jets are on the opposite spectrum. Sure they want to win but they don't know how to and they will make a deal with a toxic individual like Harvin regardless if that guy might become a major disruption.

That's why the Jets can't get their act together and win games. They don't have a good plan and allow disruptions to dictate their being a failure.

History of Injuries and bad attitude

Percy "Peanut Brittle" Harvin has only played in 15 regular season games since the beginning of the 2012 season. As  a matter of fact, his time on the field greatly diminished midway through the 2012 season while he was on the Vikings.

Harvin had great potential prior to that and if only he had a good attitude he might have transpired into a real superstar.

While injured, Percy wanted a mega contract and the Vikings didn't agree to that. They wanted to see more of Percy, especially after he was injured to see if he was worth a big contract. Percy couldn't accept that and the Vikings agreed to trade him when it became apparent that keeping Harvin was more of a distraction than what he was worh.

Seattle now knows what the Vikings had to put up with. Like the Vikings they realized that Harvin is too big a distraction to the team than he's worth on it.

If I were a betting man, I would have the opinion that Harvin has psychological issues and likely has anger management issues. It's been reported that Harvin had character issues in college. So wearing out his welcome in Seattle should come as no surprise.

When it comes to Percy Harvin's poor attitude, history seems to repeat itself.


If the New York Jets were looking to add a player who exhibited good behavior in the locker room in addition to their skills on the field, they likely dropped the ball with Harvin. As noted above, Harvin has been a problem for teams and teammates since college.

Why do the Jets think that things will be different in New York? Percy Harvin wasn't a go to receiver in Seattle. So will Harvin transform into that type of receiver with the Jets? I doubt that he will.

He is a talented player, a niche player. He can make some big plays here and there but in my opinion he's not an every down receiver, especially since he's not healthy on a regular basis. Now he will have to rely on Geno Smith to get him the ball on almost every play, when healthy.

Geno has enough pressure trying to win games and avoiding big mistakes. Having the pressure of trying to get Harvin the ball is not a good thing for a young quarterback and I believe that Harvin will expect the ball all the time.

Once again the Jets are looking for the silver bullet in Harvin but if they had don their due diligence they would have seen a player who is a disruption in the locker room, a disruption to his teammates and an all an selfish player.

That's something that the Jets don't need now. They had put together two good games (even though they lost those games). Geno seems to have turned the corner. What he needs now are teammates that will support and grow with him. Harvin is not that type of teammate.

Percy Harvin

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