Monday, October 27, 2014

NFL Recap - Week #8- 2014 Season

Tom Brady New England Patriots Sublimated 10.5" x 13" PlaqueThis past week showed us that no lead is too large, especially if you're the Atlanta Falcons. It also showed NFL fans that if you're a Jets fan, your quarterback could do the unthinkable and that's have a zero passer rating.

This past week also showed NFL fans that some players are complete and utter boneheads. Well, just about every week shows us that, doesn't it?

All in all week #8 was a good one. In fact it was a great one and that's because my Minnesota Vikings won a game. Wins are few and far between, so a victory is a huge thing for Minnesotans.

Funny thing is if the Minnesota Vikings were in the NFC South, they would have a shot at winning the division. It looks like the South is overtaking the Snorris as the worst division in the NFC.

Let's get to the recap.

San Diego Chargers 35 at Denver Broncos 21
San Diego - Phillip, why couldn't you keep up with Peyton. Shut the F up. You guys gave up 35 points. Can't you stop the guy?
Denver - We're rolling now. Everything is working well. When you have Peyton, you could give up 30 points a game and still win.

Detroit Lions 22 at Atlanta Falcons 21
Detroit - Hey Stafford? Did you see how those losers handed us the victory? OK, I'll stop laughing now.
Atlanta - Let me see. We can run out the clock and win the game or we can take a dumb penalty that stops the clock and then pass on third down to stop the clock again. It's no wonder we can't win a game. Fire Smith.

Buffalo Bills 43 at New York Jets 23
Buffalo - Of all the teams we've played all season the Jets are the worst.
New York Jets - One pick, two picks, three picks done. Geno! What the heck were you doing out there? I was just doing my best coach? Your best sucks. Sit your ass down!

Chicago Bears 23 at New England Patriots 51
Chicago - Lamarr? You're one of the biggest idiots in the NFL. We were down big and you sack the backup and celebrate? What the heck is wrong with you? What's wrong with me? I tore my ACL. I think you also tore your brain you moron.
New England Patriots - Jay Cutler and Chicago sucks. You call them a team? They're a joke. I shouldn't say that. They're great and I just threw for 5 touchdowns.

Miami Dolphins 27 at Jacksonville Jaguars 13
Miami - We just put up 27 points on the Jaguars and that doesn't even allow us to gauge how good we are. It's like we just played our practice squad.
Jacksonville - Don't give us that much credit. Your practice squad could beat us any day.

Baltimore 24 at Cincinnati Bengals 27
Baltimore - We had them where we wanted them and we let them off the hook. Who do you think you are Joe? Dennis Green?
Cincinnati - So you think I can't win big games? What do you call that?

Seattle Seahawks 13 at Carolina Panthers 9
Seattle - At least our defense played well and we won a game.
Carolina - 9 points? 9 points?

Minnesota Vikings 19 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13
Minnesota - Barr with the strip, fumble recovery and game winning touchdown!
Tampa Bay - We suck!

Houston Texans 30 at Tennessee Titans 16
Houston - Now that's a bad time? Watt did you say? We destroyed that selfie infested quarterback.
Tennessee - What more can we say? We can say we're terrible and the season is over.

Kansas City Chiefs 34 at St. Louis Rams 7
Kansas City - So they say we weren't going to be good? It just shows that they know jack.
St. Louis - Our Super Bowl was last week.

Philadelphia Eagles 20 at Arizona Cardinals 24
Philadelphia - Geno! You can't throw INTs against that team. My name isn't Geno. It's not even close coach.
Arizona - Seattle who? We're the top dog now!

Indianapolis Colts 34 at Pittsburgh Steelers 51
Indianapolis - We gave up 51 points to that offense? Seriously?
Pittsburgh - This is our house and Ben will destroy you.

Oakland Raiders 13 at Cleveland Raiders 23
Oakland - We have a perfect the loss column.
Cleveland - last week was an anomaly. This is the new Cleveland Browns.

Green Bay Packers 23 at New Orleans Saints 44
Green Bay - Aaron you looked average against a Rob Ryan defense. It's not like you were able to stop the Saints.
New Orleans - I think our Rob Ryan defense is just fine. We destroyed Aaron.

Washington Football Team 20 at Dallas Cowboys 17 in OT
Washington - We beat your pathetic defense with our 3rd stringer.
Dallas - Do you think we're for real now?

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