Monday, October 20, 2014

NFL Recap - Week #7- 2014 Season

Peyton Manning Denver Broncos Becomes NFL All-Time Touchdown Passing Record Leader Framed 15�?? X 17�?? 5 Collage With a Piece of Game-Used Football �?? Limited Edition of 250It was a great week of football in week seven and the best part of it was Peyton setting the record for touchdown passes. Peyton needed three TDs to break Brett Favre's record of 508. Manning threw four TD passes and his record now stands at 510 and counting.

Peyton set the record in the first half of Sunday night's game against the San Francisco 49ers. Peyton put on a show and it was a thing of beauty. Now he can set his sights at 600.

Now for the recap.

New York Jets 25 at New England Patriots 27
New York - Can we win a game that we dominate? No we can't. Not when we have to settle for Field Goals most of the time. Don't worry. We now have Percy Harvin to deal with.
New England - It's so beating the Jets. I wish we could see something as spectacular as the butt fumble again.

Carolina 17 at Green Bay 38
Carolina - How do you stop Aaron Rodgers.
Green Bay - You don't!

New Orleans 23 at Detroit 24
New Orleans - Rob, we had the Lions and your squad blew it. Shut up Drew. You have to score more than 23 points and you had a chance at the end but you blew it.
Detroit - First place! First place!

Miami Dolphins 27 at Chicago Bears 14
Miami - We made some Veal Cutler and it was good.
Chicago - When will we learn that Jay Cutler is the most overrated QB in the game.

Minnesota Vikings 16 at Buffalo Bills 17
Minnesota - Debacle doesn't even begin to describe our performance yesterday. We sure love to cause our fans to endure heartbreak.
Buffalo - Orton heard a who and stuck it to the Vikings.

Cincinnati Bungals 0 at Indianapolis Colts 27
Cincinnati - You see what we get out of Dalton in big games against good teams. You get a doughnut (Donut).
Indianapolis - Poor Bungals. They couldn't stop Luck and company. Andrew sure made the Cincy defense look like a bunch of amateurs.

Cleveland Browns 6 at Jacksonville Jaguars 24
Cleveland - Everyone thought that we had turned the corner and couldn't lose to the Jaguars. Hey people? We are the Browns.
Jacksonville - We won a game? Who did we beat? New England? Dallas? Green Bay? No! We beat the Browns? That figures. We couldn't beat a decent team.

Seattle Seahawks 26 at St. Louis Rams 28
Seattle - Where's the ball. Where's the returner? He's over there. No he's over there. Doh!
St. Louis - OK guys. We tricked these duds once, we can do it again. Let's fake the punt. But coach, we're deep in our end of the field. Don't worry. They won't expect it!

Tennessee Titans 17 at Washington Football Team 19
Tennessee - Hey coach? We're not a good team. Did you just get that memo now!
Washington - Whew! We pulled that one out of the bag. It's really not that tough when you play the Titans.

Atlanta Falcons 7 at Baltimore Ravens 29
Atlanta - We give up!
Baltimore - Ha ha ha ha ha.

Kansas City Chiefs 23 at San Diego Chargers 20
Kansas City - Who said we wouldn't be good this season?
San Diego - We came close. Does that count for anything?

New York Giants 21 at Dallas Cowboys 31
New York - Lose 2, win 3, lose 2 and counting.
Dallas - Any doubters yet?

Arizona Cardinals 24 at Oakland Raided 13
Arizona - It's so nice playing a college team every once in a while. College team? They're more like a High School team.
Oakland - Coach? We have a good chance at getting a win next week in Cleveland. Don't kid yourself.

Houston Texans 23 at Pittsburgh Steelers 30
Houston - Losing to this team proves how terrible we are.
Pittsburgh - Thankfully we played the Texans tonight. This may be one of the only wins we have this season.

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