Monday, October 6, 2014

NFL Recap - Week #5 - 2014 Season

I’m back after missing the past two weekly recaps. We had some exciting games and a couple of others that were complete duds. This past week continued to show us that maybe Thursday night games should be scrapped because they are terrible.

I love football as a much as the next fan but I hate to see garbage football and Thursday night games are tuning out to be garbage. Now for the recap!

Minnesota Vikings 10 at Green Bay Packers 42
Minnesota – The next time I decide to start Ponder, please call a doctor because I must have lost my mind.
Green Bay – Thankfully we played against a terrible team. We suck but they suck even more.

Pittsburgh Steelers 17 at Jacksonville Jaguars 9
Pittsburgh – We might not win another game all season. Thankfully we played Jacksonville this week.
Jacksonville – Is the season over yet?

Buffalo Bills 17 at Detroit Lions 14
Buffalo – Orton! Orton! Orton!
Detroit – Shut your pie hole Buffalo. The only reason you won the game is because we had a kicker who couldn't kick a darn field goal.

Baltimore Ravens 13 at Indianapolis 20
Baltimore – Their QB is better than our QB.
Indianapolis – Luck is a superstar!

Houston Texans 17 at Dallas Cowboys 20
Houston – If only we could have won this home game. What? We were playing at Dallas? It sure sounded like a home crowd to me.
Dallas – Did you see how our guy Romo played? He was great. How many wins is that for now?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31 at New Orleans Saints 37
Tampa Bay - The Saints are who we knew they were and we let them off the hook.
New Orleans – Whew! That was too close. I can’t believe we won that game with the cr*p defense that we have.

Atlanta Falcons 20 at New York Giants 30
Atlanta – OK. We suck. The season’s over for us.
New York – Anyone else think we should bench Eli?

St. Louis Rams 28 at Philadelphia 34
St. Louis – So anyone really happy that we scored 28 points when the other team was sleeping?
Philadelphia – We knew we had this game in the bag, so we decided to take a siesta.

Cleveland Browns 29 at Tennessee Titans 28
Cleveland – Yeah! We are on the up and up.
Tennessee – When’s our next loss?

Chicago Bears 24 at Carolina Panthers 31
Chicago – Cutler sucks coach. The guy’s a liability!
Carolina – Thanks for the turnovers Chicago. We needed them!

Arizona Cardinals 20 at Denver Broncos 41
Arizona – How the heck do you stop Peyton Manning.
Denver – You can’t. Our guy is awesome.

NY Jets Jets 0 at San Diego 30
New York - What? I’m still the starter next week? Geno! It takes a QB being a lot worse than you to be benched in my system. Thanks for the vote of confidence Coach!
San Diego – You call those guys an NFL team? The Jets really have NFL caliber coaches?

Kansas City Chiefs 17 at San Francisco 22
Kansas City – At least the Royals won.
San Francisco – Good luck next time Alex.

Cincinnati Bengals 17 at New England Patriots 43
Cincinnati – When the bright lights are on and the nation is watching we bungle things up. That’s our way!
New England – Hey Sherlock? What do you have to say now? So I’m done in New England? Seattle

Seahawks at the Washington Football Team
Will be updated after MNF.

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