Sunday, October 12, 2014

Minnesota Vikings Performance Offensive in Loss to Detroit Lions

Autographed Ndamukong Suh Photograph - with "2010 Def Roy" InscriptionThere was a lot to complain about for Vikings fans in regards to the performance of their beloved Minnesota Vikings. Simply put the Vikings were offensive and should give back the money that their fans paid to see such a horrible game by the Vikings.

I'm just kidding about giving the money back to the fans. We all know that Vikings fans gamble when they see their Vikings play. For the most part this season they have been terrible. The past two games have been especially troubling.

Last week the Vikings were blown out by their arch rivals (Green Bay Packers). Today they were thrashed by the Detroit Lions 17-3. The Vikings managed to get their only points in garbage time.

The Detroit Lions, led by Ndamukong who had two sacks on Sunday have to be given some credit. They suffocated the Vikings offense. They brutalized the Vikings Offensive line and they brutalized Teddy Bridgewater.

Teddy Bridgewatwer looked like a rookie on Sunday. He threw three interceptions amd for most of the game he couldn't move the offense.. The Vikings had 212 yards of offense (69 yards rushing). Many of those yards were gained in garbage time.

The offense did nothing all day long and much of the blame could be blamed on the offensive line.

Teddy was sacked eight times, was hurried play after play and was knocked down numerous times. There wasn't much Teddy could do. When he did try and make a play his receivers dropped the ball.

This was a horrible game for a rookie QB to play in and Teddy was exposed play after play. Teddy will be a good QB but he isn't the team's savior yet.

The Vikings will have to make great strides in improving the offensive line. They are brutal. They play like amateurs and they have been destroyed game after game.

The defense had a good game. They had some lapses but they held the Detroit Lions to 17 points. The defense kept the Vikings in the game until the fourth quarter. The defense sacked Detroit QB Matthew Stafford four times.

While the defense played well, the offense couldn't hold up their end of the bargain.

The Vikings also have a major problem in taking stupid penalties. Many times those penalties stalled drives. It wasn't only this game but has been a problem all season long.

If the O-line can't find a way at playing better and protecting Teddy, this will be a very long and frustrating season for the Minnesota Vikings and their fans.

I think Christian Ponder is thinking to himself that Teddy experienced what he did last week in Green Bay. Christian shouldn't take any comfort in that thought because he has no potential to be an adequate QB while Teddy has tons of potential.

That's all I have to say about this game. If I think of this game much longer I will blow a gasket.

Minnesota Vikings lose to Detroit Lions

Who is most to blame for the Vikings week 6 loss?

Vikings Offensive Line
Teddy Bridgewater
Vikings Defense
Lions Defense
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