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Geno Smith is Not Fit to be an NFL Quarterback

Signed Geno Smith Photo - 8x10 green jersey passing black sig)- JSA HologramI thought that I had read some of the weirdest and dumbest comments from athletes until today. SI.com reported that New York Jets quarterback (QB) Geno Smith is blaming the media for his atrocious playing this season.

Are you kidding me Geno? Geno “Pick Six” Smith has been terrible on the field this season and it has become obvious to many people that Geno doesn’t have what it takes to make it in the NFL, especially in New York. The funny thing is that the bar has been set so low in New York that it’s a wonder why Geno isn’t taking advantage of that.

Well it’s not really a wonder. The kid sucks!

Geno Smith Groomed to Fail

Geno barely faces any opposition from head coach Rex Ryan. So why is he letting the pressure get to him? I think the answer is that he is mentally unstable to be an NFL QB. If he allows the media to get into his head and plays poorly because of that, he should be run out of the Big Apple.

If this loser is going to blame the media for his poor play, he should also blame New York Jets fans for his poor play. It was only a couple of weeks ago when Geno uttered an obscenity to a Jet fan who was heckling him. Geno is not only a terrible QB who provides the Jets with almost no chance of winning but his mind is mush.

The Greats Have What it takes to be Successful
Great QBs like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers don’t only have the physical attributes of being great QBs but they can handle the pressure of the media and NFL fans. They seem to thrive when they are criticized.

Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady faced criticism early this season and followed that criticism by winning games and putting up good numbers.

How did Geno Smith react to media scrutiny? He blamed the media for his poor play.

Note to Geno: He should look internally at why he’s a terrible NFL QB. He should work to fix his issues and not blame anyone else. A QB looks like a complete and utter failure and cry baby when they blame the media for their horrid playing.

Geno also picked the wrong city to blame the media. New York City is a tough place for any professional athlete to play. There are high expectations from New York fans. This is true with Jets fans, even though their teams are perennial failures and are expected by most outsiders to stink up the field week in and week out.

Geno Smith Should Put Up or Shut Up

So how should the media and New York Jets fans react to Geno’s latest outburst? They should step up their heckling and criticism. They should boo him every time he enters the field.

The media should continue to criticize him and ask him tough questions when they interview him. In other words the media should continue to do what they’ve been doing. Geno deserves the criticism. His childish behavior makes him a bigger target for that criticism and I’m convinced that his play on the field will continue to provide the media with even more ammunition to criticize not only his poor play but his childish outbursts and behavior.

I’m not a big fan of New York sports teams or their fans but one thing I do know is that New York fans are passionate about their teams and loyal to them. They aren’t afraid of showing their emotions for their teams and they are critical of poor play.

If an athlete can’t take that criticism, New York is not the place to play. It’s not for everyone. It’s a place for athletes who have thick skins. That’s not a bad thing. Instead of asking New Yorkers to stop what they do, an athlete should stop to think about what they need to do to fit in.

It’s not the place of the New York sports fan to change their behavior. They are great fans and they make the New York sports scene what it is. Like them or hate them, New York sports fans make watching their teams and hating them more pleasurable. They add to the game and make it more interesting and entertaining.

If Geno Smith can’t take the heat, it’s time for him to move out of town. New York deserves better than what they have at QB.

Geno Smith

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