Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fiasco in Buffalo - Vikings Blow Game With One Second Left

Blair Walsh Minnesota Vikings Sublimated 10.5" x 13" PlaqueNow that a couple of hours have passed since the fiasco in Buffalo, I can now sit down and write my weekly update. I'm still upset and fuming but I'm a little calmer now. It's just getting painful watching a terrible brand of football week after week and year after year.

The Minnesota Vikings had the game with 2:30 left in the game. They had the Buffalo Bills where they wanted them and that was a 4th down and 20. Had the stopped the Bills, they would have won the game. The defense that played well all day long blew it. They allowed the Bills to get a first down and march all the way to the two yard line.

If that wasn't bad enough, the Vikings defense gave the game away with one second left. It was a pathetic end to a well played game by the defense. It would have been nice to see the Vikings finish the game and win one but the team is terrible, makes big mistakes throughout the game and has shown their fans that this team is a long way away from being a contender.

Vikings Offense to Blame for Loss

For the most part it was the Vikings offense that is to blame for the Vikings loss. When you only score 16 points in the game, while the defense holds their opponent to 17 points and you lose the game, you have a pathetic offense.

The main problem is the offensive line which has been embarrassing the team all season long. Rookie quarterback (QB) Teddy Bridgewater has faced defensive pressure all season long. On most plays, the offensive line has missed their blocks and allowed the defense to march in on Teddy.

Matt Kalil continues to digress and it's painful for this fan to see. At this point in time, my hope is that Teddy doesn't get injured and that the relentless pressure that he faces doesn't harm his confidence.

Teddy is a rookie QB that has been put in a tough situation. I think teddy has what it takes to make it through this tough time and when he does he will be a much better QB.

There was a bright spot on offense. It was Blair Walsh who kicked three field goals (he was 3/3), one of which was a 55 yarder. It's sad when the best player on offense is the kicker. That's no offense to Walsh. It;s more an indictment on our offense that they are struggling scoring TDs.

Vikings Defense Did their Job

The Vikings defense forced 4 turnovers, three fumble recoveries and an interception. That should have been good enough for this team to win the game. They stopped the Buffalo Bills all game long while the Vikings offense stumbled and crumbled.

Sure the defense fell apart in the last couple of minutes but this loss can't be blamed on them. When a defense is consistently stopping their opponent, it's up to the offense to score some points.

My game ball goes to Everson Griffen who had eight tackles (two for a loss) and three sacks. Everson had a good game and deserves my imaginary game ball.

Coaches Had Some Blunders

The coaching staff deserves their share of the blame, especially at the end of the game. A couple of times during the Bills game winning drive, Mike Zimmer could have called a timeout to make sure the defense could regroup and have the right defense.

When you have your opponent on a 4th and 20, you don't need a fancy defense. All you need to do is make sure they don't get 20 yards. So the Vikings poured everyone on the line and exposed themselves against the long ball.

That's on the coaches.

I'm not going to throw in the towel. The Coaches can't turn things around in their first year and I'm sure they will make the necessary changes with time.

The same can be said about Teddy Bridgewater. Teddy is a rookie and I still believe he has a lot of potential and will figure things out.

Teddy is being blitzkrieged out there and will have to learn how to deal with tough situations without making mistakes.

The Vikings have been without some key players all season long. That's not an excuse but reality. While it's become painfully obvious that they will not make the playoffs this season, I hope they will show some growth as the season progresses.


Vikings Lose to Bills

Who is most to blame for the Vikings loss?

Offensive Line
Teddy Bridgewater
Wide Receivers
Coaching Staff
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