Sunday, October 26, 2014

Anthony Barr and the Vikings Win in Dramatic Fashion in Overtime

Zi) 2014 Topps Prime ANTHONY BARR Rookie RC Silver 25/99 VikingsTeddy Bridgewater led the Minnesota Vikings on a drive with a little over two minutes left in regulation in the game against Tampa Bay and the Vikings tied the game with no time left. That sent the game into overtime (OT).

Tampa Bay started with the ball in OT but Anthony Barr, arguably the best defensive player on the Minnesota Vikings, ripped the ball away from Tampa Bay tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins and then picked up the fumble and ran it 27 yards for the game winning touchdown.

It wasn't a pretty game but the Vikings found a way to win this time around. They could have folded when Tampa Bay took the lead with two plus minutes left. They didn't.

It could have been a disaster. The defense played another great game but crumbled for the second straight week when it mattered most with time winding down in the fourth quarter. Like last week's game the Vikings had the lead until the end of the fourth.

Teddy showed his composure by leading his team down the field and putting them in place for a field goal that tied the game.

Then the defense did what it had done for most of the game. It took control of the game and won it for the Vikings.

Anthony Barr has had an amazing rookie season and he showed why he will be a future superstar in the NFL. I believe that he is the Vikings best player right now. He's a game changer.

Offense Overcomes Mistakes

Mistakes continue to plague the offense. Rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was a little erratic today. He missed some big plays by overthrowing receivers or missing easy passes but he also made some big plays, especially when they were needed most.

Teddy didn't throw any interceptions or fumbles. He protected the ball and that was huge. By not turning over the ball, Teddy allowed his offense to live another down. He didn't throw away the game. On the contrary, he played a big part in his team's victory.

The offense will need to find a way to score more than 13 points in four quarters to give the Vikings a better chance of winning games.

The offensive line still needs major improvement. Bridgewater was under pressure all game long. The difference this week is that Teddy showed poise and didn't panic and didn't make bad decisions.

This was a big game for Teddy and will hopefully be a start of big things to come. This is part of his growth. While his playing might not be pretty right now, he is progressing and he made a huge progression from last week.

Defense Won this Game

The defense had one lapse and it almost cost the Vikings just like it did last week against the Buffalo Bills. The defense regrouped in OT and not only snatched the ball away from Tampa Bay but also snatched the victory away from them.

The defense has shown that it is the one constant on this team. The defense is making plays, causing turnovers and putting this team in position to win games. There has been no bigger play this season than Anthony Barr's strip and recover fumble recovery for a TD.

That play won the game for the Vikings. The defense deserves a lot of credit for this victory and their good playing was rewarded in week #8.

The Vikings will host the Washington football team next Sunday. For at least one week Vikings fans can rejoice n victory. Hopefully we will have another chance to cheer next week.

My imaginary game ball goes to Anthony Barr!

Skol Vikings!

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