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2014 NFL Picks - Week #6

Peyton Manning Denver Broncos Autographed 8" x 10" Horizontal Orange Uniform Point PhotographA few things are becoming clearer and clearer to me. Thursday Night Football has become a dud. When it comes to watching the Minnesota Wild or Thursday night's NFL game, the Wild win by a landslide.

Another thing that's clear to me is that it's becoming very hard to predict the outcome of NFL games. A case in point is the Patriots who were obliterated one week then destroyed Cincinnati the next week. We're seeing that all around the league.

The final thing that is clear to me is that Jacksonville is an almost sure bet to lose every week. That should come as no surprise but they have a very good chance at ending the season 0-16. I can't see them winning more than 2 games this season.

Thursday Night Special - Indianapolis Colts (3-2) at Houston Texans (3-2)
This game has all the makings of possibly being the one bright spot this season on Thursday night. On paper this looks to be a good battle between AFC South leaders but we've been there before. Games that looked good on paper have turned out to be duds.

This game might not be a complete disaster but it won't be very close. I think Luck is on a roll and will show Houston who the top dogs in the South are.

Indianapolis wins 30-10.

Snoozer of the Week - Denver Broncos (3-1) at New York Jets (1-4)
If the Jets were looking for a rebound game for the entire team and QB Geno Smith, their luck is terrible. Denver is too good a team.

The Jets will not be competitive in this one from the start. They will be out of it by the end of the first quarter.

Peyton Manning will throw four TDs falling one shy of Brett Favre's record (508).

Rex Ryan will be one step closer to being shown the door, pink slip in hand. He might not even last to be present for the Patriots game the following week.

Denver wins 38-6.

Wild Card of the Week - New York Giants (3-2) at Philadelphia Eagles (4-1)
The Giants have been hot the last three weeks winning three in a row. It's quite the turnaround and they are definitely on a roll. Eli Manning looks like a different player than he was in the first two weeks.

As far as the Eagles are concerned, they are winning games and would like to put some more separation between them and the Giants. Right now it's a three way fight in the East with the Cowboys and Giants surprisingly breathing down the backs of the Eagles.

The Giants winning streak will come to an end this week.

Philadelphia wins 24-14.

Wild Card of the Week #2 - Detroit (3-2) at Minnesota (2-3)
Instead of the Upset of the Week pick we are adding an additional Wild Card pick.
Both teams are coming off losses from last week. The Vikings were blown out by the Packers while Detroit lost a heart-breaker to the Bills in OT at home.

The one thing that Minnesota might have going for them is the return of Teddy Bridgewater. If he is healthy and effective the Vikings will have a fighting chance.

While Detroit is looking to rebound from a debacle at home they will have to do it on the road which will prove to be a difficult task, especially at a divisional opponent.

Minnesota wins 27-17.

Lock of the Week - Jacksonville Jaguars (0-5) at Tennessee Titans (1-4)
Normally I wouldn't pick a 1-4 team to be the lock of the week but when their opponent is the Jaguars and they are playing at home, I have almost no option but to pick them.

Tennessee wins 17-9.

Monday Night Football - San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams
The 49ers will continue their winning ways and will help to quash the rumors of internal strife. Sure it's a road game but it's against the Rams.

San Francisco wins 28-13.

That's a wrap. Good luck to your team.

Season totals: W-16 L-8.

Thursday Night Special

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