Wednesday, October 1, 2014

2014 NFL Picks - Week #5

Matthew Stafford Signed Photo - 16x20 #2 HomeI was on the road last week and didn't submit my picks for week #4. There were some good games, especially my Vikings defeating the Falcons. While I couldn't watch the game, I sure did listen to it on the radio (Vikings Radio Network) through my drive from Fargo to Minneapolis.

This week looks to be another exciting week in the NFL. Will the two undefeated teams (Arizona and Cincinnati) remain undefeated? While I'm not picking the games these two teams are playing in I think Cincinnati will be the only undefeated team after week #4.

Thursday Night Special - Minnesota Vikings (2-2) at Green Bay Packers (2-2)
This is a match-up between two Snorris division rivals who hate each other. Both teams are 2-2 and have shown both flashes of excellence and flashes of mediocrity.

We still don't know if Teddy Football will be taking field due to his injury (ankle). If his backup, Christian Ponder tales the field, the Vikings won't have much of a chance at winning the game.

Even if Teddy takes the field, I think that Aaron Rogers will be virtually unbeatable at Lambaugh on Thursday.

Green Bay wins 31-21. It pained me to write that prediction. It really did.

Snoozer of the Week - Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2) at Jacksonville Jaguars (0-4)
OY! This is going to be a boring game between one team that is a complete disaster (Jacksonville) and another one that is mediocre.

I wouldn't say that this will be a lock but I expect Pittsburgh to defeat the worst team in football.

Pittsburgh wins 17-9.

Wild Card of the Week - Cleveland Browns (1-2) at Tennessee Titans (1-3)
Cleveland has been in all their games and has been better than I expected they would be. They could be 2-1 if they weren't the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns get a chance to try and even their record to 2-2 when they take on a bad Tennessee team. The only thing that I think the Titans have going for them is that they are playing at home.

Cleveland wins 21-17.

Upset in the Making of the Week - Kansas City Chiefs (2-2) at San Francisco 49ers (2-2)
In many ways this upset pick doesn't make much sense. Sure the Chiefs are coming off a big victory against the laughable New England Patriots but that is hardly a measure of knowing if this team has turned the corner.

The 49ers seem to have internal turmoil but still found a way to win in week #4. Never the less, the fact that Harbaugh's contract situation will not be decided until the end of the season may be having unintended consequences with a locker room that isn't sure if their head coach will be with the team after this season.

Andy Reid will have his team ready to go on Sunday.

Kansas City wins 27-24.

Lock of the Week - Buffalo Bills (2-2) at Detroit Lions (3-1)
After starting the seaon on a high note going 2-2 the Bills have sputtered in the past two weeks. They have to try and turn things around with their backup QB Kyle Orton after E.J. Manuel was benched.

They also have to try and win a game in a place that Detroit is actually hard to beat. Yes, the Lions are pretty good at home.

Look for Stafford to have a good day.

Detroit wins 31-13.

Monday Night Football - Seattle Seahawks (2-1) at Washington Football Team (1-3)
Washing will try to turn things around after a poor showing in week #4 and they'll have to do it against a team that is ticked off that they aren't 3-0.

While I think that week #3's loss is just a blip on the screen, the Seahawks will look to inflict some pain on a Washington team that is in big trouble.

Seattle wins 38-10.

Season totals: W-12 L-6

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