Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Minnesota Vikings Self Destruct at TCF Bank Stadium

Chad Greenway Signed Picture - 8x10The Vikings started their weekend with news that its star player Adrian Peterson was indicted on a charge of child negligent injury. The question many analysts had in addition to what the Vikings would do with Peterson was how the team would deal with this shocking and jarring news.

The Vikings showed that they are a fragile team that can't weather the storm of controversy and hardship. If the Vikings looked amazing against the Rams last week they looked amazingly awful at home against a good New England Patriots team.

This game answered another question I had about this team. How would the Vikings play against a top rated team? They hardly showed up and they were greatly outplayed. It was hard to watch this game

Matt Cassell & the Vikings Offense

Matt started strong by leading the Vikings to a first drive touchdown. Then things fell apart for the veteran. He would go on to throw four interceptions from that point on.

While his receivers did drop some balls today, Matt threw some atrocious passes, three of which were intercepted. At times he looked like Josh Freeman in his only Vikings game. Cassell wasn't nearly as bad but he was bad and some of his passes were questionable for a veteran quarterback to attempt.

I think that the offensive line was downright offensive today. Matt Cassell was sacked six times and much of the blame should fall squarely on the shoulders of the O-line. Matt didn't help things by throwing interceptions.

Today, the Vikings needed a strong running game. It would have gone a long way in keeping the Vikings defense off the field. The Vikings had a total of 56 yards rushing with Peterson's fill-in Matt Asiata getting the majority of those yards (39).

Cordarrelle Patterson wasn't involved today and that hurt the Vikings. Patterson's dynamic play making was the key to victory last week. It wasn't there today and the Vikings suffered because of it. Patterson finished the game with four receptions good for 56 yards.


The Vikings defense was equally as bad as the offense today. It's important that the Vikings pressure the quarterback. Without that, the Patriots passing and running game were able to confuse and defeat the Vikings.

The Vikings defense had only one sack and they didn't force any interceptions. That type of poor playing can't win games. There's tons of work to be done for the Vikings pass rush and if they can't get it together, the New Orleans Saints will run and pass all over them.

The inability of the Vikings defense to pressure Tom Brady exposed the Vikings pass defense. We saw just how bad Minnesota was against the pass. They didn't make any big plays and the Patriots were able to extend drives due to the inability of the pass defense to do its job.

Special Teams

I'm going to be brief here and this category could have been placed in the defense section. Minnesota missed many tackles today that resulted in big plays for the Patriots. The Patriots were able to extend drives due to the inability of both the special teams and defense to make tackles.

What's Up Next

The Vikings travel to the Bayou to play the New Orleans Saints next Sunday. The Saints were upset by the Cleveland Browns today. I believe that spells disaster for the Vikings. Drew Brees would be hard to play against in normal circumstances but the fact that the Saints have lost two very close games on the road leads me to believe that the Vikings are doomed.

This was an extremely disappointing team. While it was a long shot for the Vikings to win this game, I was hoping that they would have made it a competitive one. There was only one NFL caliber team on the field today and it wasn't our Vikings.


Minnesota Vikings

Will the Vikings defeat the New Orleans Saints next week?

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