Monday, September 15, 2014

The Minnesota Vikings Reinstate Adrian Peterson – DISGUSTING!

The Minnesota Vikings have reinstated accused child beater Adrian Peterson and he will likely play this Sunday. The Vikings claim that they take child abuse seriously but want the process to play out. This is absolutely disgusting and as a Vikings fan I have lost all faith that the team’s ownership are decent people.

I mentioned in a previous article that I believe that Peterson should be suspended with pay until the legal process plays out and then be suspended for one year should he be found guilty of injuring his 4 year old son.

The Vikings seem to have made a decision that putting their star player on the field is more important than doing the right thing and taking a stand against child abuse. The team failed miserably. The team’s ownership failed miserably. A good person wouldn’t put money ahead of decency and that’s what I believe happened here.

This decision for the Vikings to reinstate Peterson shouldn’t come as a surprise to Vikings fans. The team has fielded thugs and criminals in the past few years. If you are a star, it seems as if the Vikings will look the other way. They will say that they take violence against women and children seriously but then they will dress guys like Chris Cook and Adrian Peterson.

Did the Vikings see the pictures of the young boy? Have they read the charge levied against Adrian Peterson? Could the Vikings have suspended Peterson with pay? The answer to all these questions has to be yes.

I’m not sure how someone can be called a good person if they make a decision to play a guy who’s admitted to beating his child and leaving scars and bruises on a 4 year Old’s scrotum, back, legs, ankles and backside. It is also alleged that Peterson stuffed leaves in his boy’s mouth.

All that is left to decide is if his probable defense to the charge levied against Peterson is that it happened to him as a child is sufficient for a court of law. For me, it isn't.

Sure there should be due process in the law. Sure the Vikings are right not to release him outright but a decent organization would have suspended him with pay until the legal process played out. Organizations across America take this approach. Why not the Vikings?

I think the reason has to do with money and wanting to win. I believe that the Vikings placed these things above doing the right thing. I’ve lost a ton of respect for the Vikings. Right now if you asked me what word describes how I feel about the Vikings, I would say DISGUSTED!

If your name is Adrian Peterson, it seems as if the Vikings will turn a blind eye to child abuse.

News out of Houston is that Adrian Peterson who has been indicted on a charge of negligent injury to a child is was  investigated for abusing another son in 2013. No charges were filed. Peterson is alleged to have hit his child in the head, leaving a scar over the child's eye. Peterson allegedly admitted this to the child's mother.

Way to go Vikings. This is a PR nightmare. When you support a scumbag you get burned. Way to go Vikings. You could have done the right thing by suspending this alleged abuser. Instead you supported this disgusting man. Way to go Vikings.

So much for AP saying he is not a child abuser.

Minnesota Vikings Reinstate Peterson

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