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Teddy Bridgewater Makes his NFL Debut for the Minnesota Vikings

Teddy Bridgewater Signed Picture - 8x10 w COA #1Minnesota Vikings fans got their chance to see their quarterback of the future. When Matt Cassell went down with a toe injury early in the second quarter, Teddy Bridgewater took the field.

I believe that this is Teddy's team now and that's exciting for this Vikings fan (more of Teddy later). The Vikings were in this game but they ran out of gas and couldn't find a way to win a game that was played in a very tough place for any team to win.

The Saints played a decent game but they showed that they can only beat a team that is not very good. The 12th man for the Saints is the ref. That's a common theme for the Saints. They seem to have cheating refs in their pockets. At least it looks that way.

Terrible Call by Officials Leads Saints to Victory

The call that turned the game on its head was an atrocious call by the zebras. They called the Vikes for roughing the passer. I'm guessing they think the Vikings threw Drew Brees to the ground unnecessarily. That's bogus.

It was a good play that would have ended the Saints drive and given the ball back to the Vikings offense. The momentum was starting to turn in the Vikings favor. Their defense was playing well and that atrocious call gave the Saints life.

The Saints would go on to score a TD and put a dagger in the Vikings heart. Even if you think that was a legitimate penalty, Drew Brees should have been flagged for unnecessary roughness as well. After he was thrown to the ground he went after the Vikings player who tackled him.

He threw punches at the Vikings player. Sure they were punches thrown by a sissy but they were punches or swats never the less. Brees should have been flagged for his actions.

The referees decided the game with their poor officiating and that should not be tolerated by the NFL.

Vikings Defense

The Vikings started this game on a poor note, allowing two quick touchdowns by Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints. They hunkered down and were impressive (for the most part) until the midway point of the fourth quarter.

While the officials made a terrible call on the roughing the passer penalty, the defense fell apart and couldn't handle adversity. It was a shame. They totally fell apart. They played their worst football of the season in the last 10 minutes of the game. It was painful to see.

The Vikings have issues stopping the run and pass. That was evident late in the fourth quarter and early in the game. The Saints receivers had almost 10 yard cushions to catch balls and the Saints running game seemed to have major holes to run the ball down the throats of Vikings players.

They Saints ran out the last 6 minutes of the game with the Vikings defense barely doing their part to try and get the ball back to Teddy.

There was one positive note to take away for the defense. They prevented the sissy Drew Brees from passing for 300 yards and setting another NFL record. That was good to see. I love to hate Brees and I'm happy he didn't throw for 300 yards, since some of his 293 yards came courtesy of the officials after a terrible call.

Teddy Bridgewater

Teddy came on in relief of Matt Cassell. It's tough coming into a game in those circumstances, especially on the road and against a team that doesn't lose at home.

Teddy impressed me. He didn't make any major mistakes and he did show how mobile he is. Teddy extended a number of drives with his feet and led his team on scoring drives. It was evident to me that Teddy needs some work but that will come when he gets first team reps.

I think we'll see Teddy get better and better and this is definitely an exciting time to be a Vikings fan. I think we finally have a quarterback that can lead this team into the future. I look forward to seeing Teddy Bridgewater mature as an NFL quarterback.

Minnesota Vikings Running Game and Receivers

The Vikings running game was basically non-existent. The running game produced a paltry 59 yards, 27 of them from Bridgewater. The inability for the Vikings to run the ball forced them into a predictable passing game. It made our offense vulnerable.

The Vikings need to find a way to run the ball better but that's stating the obvious.

Now let's turn my criticism to Greg Jennings. Greg dropped some balls today that he should have had. The drops would have earned the Vikings first downs and would have extended drives. The veteran receiver needs to play better, especially with a rookie quarterback under center.

It's a Wrap

This was a disappointing finish to a close game. The Vikings played better than I thought they would on the road. It was a much better effort than last Sunday and I do think the team has a bright future.

The Vikings are a work in progress but I believe that they have a coaching staff in place that will be able to build a winning team. I would have thought that the drama of the past week would have thrown this team for a loop and it looked that way early in the first quarter.

The Vikings coaching staff did a good job preparing the team for a tough road game. This is a tough stretch for the Vikings and they've started the season playing some good teams. A 1-2 start is OK and I think they will figure things out.

The Vikings are lucky they play in a terrible division. Right now there is only one 2-1 and team in the division. We'll see if the Bears can match the Lions in the win category. So the division is wide open right now. There doesn't seem to be a good team in the division. If the Vikings can figure things out, they will be in the tick of things as the season progresses.

Go Vikings

NFL Officials

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