Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Suspension of Vikings Updates

UPDATE (09/17/14 at 7:10 AM)
The Minnesota Vikings have changed its decision to activate Adrian Peterson by placing him on the NFL's Exempt/Commissioners's permission list. This means Adrian Peterson will be barred from all league activities but will be paid his regular salary.

This is the right decision and one that Sportmentary.com said was the right course of action to take. The Vikings likely changed course after Radisson suspended it's limited sponsorship with the team and then NFL sponsors Anheuser Busch, Visa and Cambell's Soup all questioned the NFL's handling of recent player domestic abuse allegations.

Sportmentary.com wishes that the Vikings had reached this decision earlier in the week and without business pressure but does feel that this is the right course of action from the team and will now resume writing articles about of the Vikings.

Original Message
Sportmentary.com has made the decision not to write post-game articles and recaps regarding the Minnesota Vikings. It pains me to say that. I love watching and following my team but I’m disgusted by the actions of the team’s ownership regarding Adrian Peterson.

Had the team taken some action and prevented Peterson from taking the field this coming Sunday, I would have respected that decision. I cannot and will not watch a Vikings game where Adrian Peterson is on the field until such time he is not on playing football for the Vikings or he is suspended.

Obviously I’m a little guy and my decision will not have any impact on the mighty Vikings or the NFL but I need to stand up for what I believe and think is right.

How can I watch my team when they are fielding a player that I believe beat up a child?

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