Monday, September 22, 2014

NFL Recap - Week #3 - 2014 Season

Matt Ryan Autographed Photo - 8x10 ITP PSA DNAThis past week was dominated by the ongoing scandals and the reaction to them by the NFL and its teams. I want to try and start focusing on football but I have to admit that the way that Roger Goodell is handling things is despicable. NFL owners are much better. In fact they are worse. They should force Roger out but they won`t and that is horrible.

OK. Enough of my rant. Let`s get to some football and a recap of week 3. As mentioned in other recaps I do things a little differently in our recaps. This is my lighthearted attempt at bringing my spin into the game.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14 at Atlanta Falcons 56
Tampa Bay - You want to know something coach? What? We suck!
Atlanta - That game couldn't have been any easier. It was like a bye week.

Oakland 9 at New England 16
Oakland - We only lost by 7! We only lost by 7!
New England - And we thought we were on track after the Vikings game.

Indianapolis Colts 44 at Jacksonville Jaguars 17
Indianapolis - There`s no better team to play against when you need a win.
Jacksonville - Amateur doesn't even begin to describe this team.

Green Bay Packers 7 at Detroit Lions 19
Green Bay - When do we play the Bucs?
Detroit - Discount Double Check...Ouch! Ow! Done!

Baltimore Ravens 23 at Cleveland Browns 21
Baltimore - That was too close.
Cleveland - If we weren't the Browns we might be 3-0.

Tennessee Titans 7 at Cincinnati Bengals 33
Tennessee - Where do we go from here?
Cincinnati - Undefeated and on our way.

Minnesota Vikings 9 at New Orleans 20
Minnesota - Those idiots who had us as 10 point underdogs were wrong. Ha ha ha. We lost by 11.
New Orleans - It`s good that the refs called a horse sh*t roughing the passer call on our sissy QB.

Houston Texans 17 at New York Giants 30
Houston - You know you suck when you lose to the Giants.
New York - We needed to play a team like that before the season got totally out of control.

Washington Football Team 34 at Philadelphia 37
Washington - Even though we lost, we know Cousins is our guy!
Philadelphia - We might start slow but we will hammer you into the ground by the time this game is over.

Dallas Cowboys 34 at St. Louis Rams 31
Dallas - We won! We won! Tony only threw one pick 6.
Rams - We have a way of making mediocre QBs look like superstars.

San Diego Chargers 22 at Buffalo Bills 10
San Diego - Chalk up another W in the win column. There will be many more to come.
Buffalo - Reality sucks. We suck.

San Francisco 49ers 14 at Arizona Cardinals 23
San Francisco - So how much did the Wolverines offer me?
Arizona Cardinals - 3-0!

Kansas City Chiefs 34 at Miami Dolphins 15
Kansas City - It`s nice having home field advantage. Wait a minute we played in Miami.
Miami - Our ship is sinking!

Denver Broncos 20 at Seattle 26
Denver - Really? Our defense couldn't get Peyton the ball in OT?
Seattle - No one beats us in our house.

Pittsburgh Steelers 37 at Carolina Panthers 19
Pittsburgh - Big Ben Baby!
Carolina - We tried.

Chicago Bears 27 at New York Jets 19
Chicago - We find a way to win, even if we need the officials to do so.
New York - Pick six by our Geno. Pick six.

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