Tuesday, September 16, 2014

NFL Recap - Week #2 - 2014 Season

Autographed Philip Rivers Photograph - 11x14 Psa dna #3a88054This past week was a crazy one with the Adrian Peterson Saga, the continued fall out of the Ray Rice situation and other allegations of abuse by NFL players. We did have some good football but it seems as if everything is being overshadowed by news of NFL players getting into trouble and being alleged to have committed serious crimes.

I'm a Vikings fan and was upset with the news that Peterson was indicted on a charge of negligent injury to a child. I was shocked to read the details surrounding the charge that has been levied against the player.

I was disgusted at the way the Vikings handled the situation and their choice to reinstate Peterson. I've decided to suspend writing Vikings post-game recaps until Adrian Peterson is suspended or no longer on the team.

So you may see future recaps that contain a blank space when it comes to the Vikings.

Now let's get to the recap.

Pittsburgh Steelers 6 at Baltimore Ravens 26
Pittsburgh - It's only one game.
Baltimore - We can play this game.

Detroit Lions 7 at Carolina Panthers 24
Detroit - Now you see how we play against good teams.
Carolina - We're on a roll! Yes we are.

Atlanta Falcons 10 at Cincinnati Bengals 24
Atlanta - Matt? This is what happens when you play a decent defense.
Cincinnati - Are you going to take Andy seriously now? No! Not until he wins a playoff game or two.

New Orleans Saints 24 at Cleveland Browns 26
New Orleans - Hey coach, how about that Rob Ryan defense? I know what you’re saying Drewsy but that pick six that you threw was pretty brutal.
Cleveland Browns - We won a game! We won a game!

New England Patriots 30 at Minnesota Vikings 7
New England - That team sucks.
Minnesota - Zygi, who cares what AP did? We need him on our team to have a chance at winning a game? OK Mark, I'll reactivate him.

Arizona Cardinals 25 at New York Giants 14
Arizona - We still won with Stanton?
New York - Bench Eli! Bench Eli! What? He only has 4 INTs in two games.

Dallas Cowboys 26 at Tennessee Titans 10
Dallas - Tony didn't throw away the game today.
Tennessee - How did we lose to Romo and the Cowboys?

Jacksonville Jaguars 10 at Washington Football Team 41
Jacksonville - There's nothing more to say.
Washington - I should be the starter. I can win us games. Cousins, you just beat the Jaguars. Don't let that go to your head.

Miami Dolphins 10 at Buffalo Bills 29
Miami - We were fish bait on Sunday.
Buffalo - New England, Miami, bring them all on. We are taking this division.

Seattle Seahawks 21 at San Diego Chargers 30
Seattle - We shouldn't have purchased our tickets to the Super Bowl. Then again, we can always watch from the stands.
San Diego - Did you see how we shredded up the Seattle defense? They didn't look so good did they?

St. Louis Rams 19 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17
St. Louis - You have a chance of winning a game when you play the Bucs.
Tampa Bay - So you thought that we would be good this season.

Kansas City Chiefs 17 at Denver Broncos 24
Kansas City - What a difference a year makes. Alex got a big contract but hasn't had a big game.
Denver - Peyton's the man!

New York Jets 24 at Green Bay Packers 31
New York - Timeout! Timeout! Timeout!
Green Bay - Hey Aaron, do you know how to come back from an 18 point deficit? I don't know. How do you do that Jordy? You play the New York Jets.

Houston Texans 30 at Oakland Raiders 14
Houston - We are undefeated!
Oakland - Houston, we'll see what happens when you play a good team.

Chicago 28 at San Francisco 20
Chicago - Cutler on Fire!
San Francisco - We were Kaepernicked tonight.

Philadelphia Eagles 30 at Indianapolis Colts 27
Philadelphia - There isn't a lead we can't overcome.
Indianapolis - Interception? What about a pass interference penalty? Horse Collar?

That's it for week 2. Now we can get ready for week 3.

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