Monday, September 8, 2014

NFL Recap - Week #1 - 2014 Season

Matt Ryan Signed PhotographWe're back with our weekly NFL recap. We do things a little differently with this recap. Check it out for yourselves.

The first week of football was a good one. We had a little bit of everything but the one theme this week is that there isn't a lead that is safe in the NFL. Both the Broncos, Steelers and the Jaguars found out the hard way.

Fortunately for the Broncos and Steelers they held on to win the game. For the Jaguars they didn't have the same fate.

Green Bay 16 at Seattle 36
Green Bay - Defense? What defense? Running game?
Seattle - Bring them all on. We are the mightiest team in the NFL.

New Orleans Saints 34 at Atlanta Falcons 37 in OT
New Orleans - Did you see Matt Ryan? He was awesome.
Atlanta - You're right Drew! Matt was a record setter today.

Minnesota Vikings 34 at St. Louis Rams 6
Minnesota - Patterson! Patterson! Patterson!
St. Louis - We suck without Sam.

Cleveland Browns 20 at Pittsburgh Steelers 27
Cleveland - If we play the Steelers every week we have a chance. We might still lose like we did this week but we would have a chance.
Pittsburgh - We have some major issues. This will be a long season.

Jacksonville Jaguars 17 at Philadelphia Eagles 34
Philadelphia - OK guys. We spotted those chumps 17 points. We knew we would comeback and throttle them.
Jacksonville - Ha ha ha ha. How do you blow a 17 point lead? You suit up as the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Oakland Raiders 14 at New York Jets 19
Oakland - What happens when we play a good team? Can we wave the white flag?
New York Jets - We had a tough time with this team and things only get worse from here. At least we started off 1-0.

Cincinnati Bengals 23 at Baltimore Ravens 16
Cincinnati - Yes we can!
Baltimore - Meh.

Buffalo Bills 23 at Chicago 20 in OT
Buffalo - We're on the rise baby! Shut up. You beat Chicago. It's not like they are a playoff contender.
Chicago -  For every TD Cutler throws, he will throw an INT.

Washington Football Team 6 at Houston Texans 17
Washington - Where's RG3?
Houston - We've won half as many games as the entire 2013 campaign.

Tennessee Titans 26 at Kansas City 10
Tennessee - KC is a terrible team.
Kansas City - I'm glad I signed my super contract guaranteeing me 45 million before the season starts.

New England Patriots 20 at Miami Dolphins 33
New England - We lost to who?
Miami - Watch out baby, here we come!

San Francisco 49ers 28 at Dallas Cowboys 17
San Francisco - It was so nice having our home crowd with us for game 1.
Dallas - GM Jerry! We should have drafted johnny Football. Shut up Dez.

Carolina Panthers 20 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14
Carolina - We can do it with or without Cam...when we play the Bucs that is.
Tampa Bay - We still suck!

Indianapolis Colts 24 at Denver Broncos 31
Indianapolis - We almost had them.
Denver - We only needed 7 second half points to beat these guys.

New York Ginats 14 at Detroit Lions 35
New York - Eli + no receivers + bad defense = this is going to be a very long season.
Detroit - Stafford + Megatron + Defense = Best team in NFC North...After game one that is.

San Diego 17 at Arizona 18
San Diego - Can't my receivers catch the darn ball? Maybe you shouldn't have bobbled the snap in a key moment of the game Philip.
Arizona - You know know you play San Diego late in the 4th quarter you have a chance of stealing a victory.

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