Tuesday, September 9, 2014

NFL & Baltimore Ravens Dropped the Ball Big Time Regarding Ray Rice

Update (09/19/14 at 10:20 PM)
Sports Illustrated is reporting that Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh had urged executives to cut Ray Rice back in February when the the Rice assault allegations first surfaced. Harbaugh was nixed by team executives.

I owe Harbaugh and apology as I incorrectly assumed he was part of the problem in dealing with Rice. Kudos to Harbaugh for being the lone voice of decency and reason within the Ravens organization.

Original article
By now you’re well aware that former Baltimore Raven’s player and wife beater Ray rice has been terminated by the Baltimore Ravens and suspended indefinitely by the NFL.

Ray Rice was caught on video tape dragging his then fiancée (wife) out of an elevator, was indicted in March and suspended by the NFL in July. The way the NFL handled this disgusting incident was to suspend Ray Rice for a measely 2 games. The way that John Harbaugh and the Ravens handled it? They did nothing. They seemed to welcome the guy with open arms.

Baltimore Ravens fans cheered for the piece of garbage during practice. Rice had some supporters who seemed to blame the victim.

I said at the time that “There is no excuse for that type of behavior and I believe there should be no place for woman beaters in professional sports. “

To say that the NFL dropped the ball and bungled this incident is a major understatement.

What Changed From July

So what changed yesterday? What info led to the Ravens and NFL’s decision to ban Rice? The TMZ video was the game changer according to the John Harbaugh. Both the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens claim that this was the first time they saw the video

I don’t believe them. I think the NFL has the power and resources to gather all the facts and information in an investigation to make the right decision. I don't think that happened here. yet TMZ managed to get the video. Why not the mighty NFL?

Even if the NFL and Ravens didn’t see the video, shouldn’t they have come to the same conclusion back in July that they came to yesterday? Didn’t common sense and decency dictate that Rice brutalized a woman and should have been banned?

I came to that conclusion. Millions of other people in this great country did as well but not the NFL. I do think that the NFL was protecting their brand and wanted to sweep this thing under the rug and now it has blown up in their faces, they are forced to take the appropriate action. That’s my opinion and obviously I don’t have evidence of that. Once again, I’m using my common sense.

What Should the NFL do Now?

The 32 owners of the NFL should fire Roger Goodell for his mishandling of this incident. There is now a national backlash against the NFL. Roger Goodell’s lack of action against Ray Rice has damaged the league and that shouldn’t be tolerated by NFL ownership.

The NFL has tried to portray itself as a leader in the community and an organization that upholds and promotes decent and moral values/behavior. Unfortunately the Ray Rice incident has led many fans to question if the NFL really cared about player conduct.

Many fans question if the NFL would have had the same reaction to a less popular player (one who’s merchandise sells less) than Ray Rice.

Roger is the leader and figurehead of the NFL. He dropped the ball and bungled the process. That should lead to his being fired.

As far as the Ravens are concerned:

Ravens ownership should be fined the maximum amount of money for their mishandling of the incident, should lose draft picks and their executives and Head Coach John Harbaugh should be terminated.

Even if they had never seen the video, they should have used common sense months ago and done the right thing regarding Ray Rice. They didn't and they should pay a price for that.

It will be interesting to see how this story unfolds in the next few weeks but hopefully the NFL does the right thing moving forward.

NFL & Roger Goodell

Should Roger Goodell be fired for his handling of the Ray Rice incident?

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