Friday, September 5, 2014

Hit Daniel Snyder Where it Counts

It's been no secret that I don't like the team name of the Washington Football team. I believe that it's racist, disparaging and disrespectful. That’s why I refuse to use the name of the team and refer to them as the Washington Football Team.

When I read the news that merchandise sales for the Washington Football Team has declined, it put a huge smile on my face.

According to an article, merchandise sales have dropped by 35% “In the most recent quarter”. I believe that the only way that Washington Football Team’s owner Daniel Snyder will do the right thing and change the team’s name is if he loses money by keeping the existing name.

I believe that Snyder is guided by one and only one principle; making money. I don’t believe that he gives a rats behind if doing business in an ugly and disgusting manner hurts and insults people as long as he’s making money. Who knows? I might be wrong but it’s my opinion.

Snyder has talked the big talk. He claims that NFL fans and Native Americans support the team’s name. While that may be true, there must be a growing number of Washington Football fans that are uncomfortable purchasing merchandise with the existing name. The numbers seem to back that up.

I wish that this trend continues and that sales plummet even more. That would be a good thing. It doesn’t mean that the billionaire would surrender the name. He might dig in even more but as long as a growing number of fans are embarrassed by their team’s name, the better chance there is of Snyder doing the right thing.

The NFL is also losing out with decreased sales and we know that the same principle that guides Snyder also guides other NFL Executives including Roger Goodell. If Roger sees merchandise sales plummeting for one of the league’s most popular teams, he might be inclined to force a name change.

I want to stress that I don’t believe that change will occur because the power players involved with the decision will do so out of ethics, morality or honorable reasons. I believe they will only make a change if they are losing money by being stubborn and keeping a team name that an increasing amount of people find racist and disrespectful.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if a NFL sponsors dropped the NFL? It will be nice but it won’t happen unless the sponsors believe that they will lose customers due to the company’s support of the NFL and its use of the Washington Football Team name.

It’s upsetting that moral and decent decisions seem to be governed by the greenback. The last time I checked, the greenback doesn’t have a moral compass.

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