Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Floyd Mayweather Jr Believes Original Suspension of Ray Rice Should be Enough

Trust one woman beater to support and defend another woman beater. Floyd Mayweather has spent time in the pokey for domestic violence, so it should come as no surprise that this disgusting man would defend Ray Rice who was recently suspended indefinitely by the NFL for beating his fiancée (now wife) back in March.

Mayweather believes that the NFL should have stuck with its original two game ban of Rice and he believes there are worse thing that “go on in other people’s households”.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a Disgusting Person

We shouldn’t be surprised that this thug would discount the atrocious beating that Ray Rice laid on his wife (then fiancée). It’s obvious to me that Floyd thinks that smacking around a woman is decent and normal behavior.

I believe that Floyd continues to show his true colors as a barbaric human being that loves to use women as punching bags. I fear any woman that associates with Floyd Mayweather Jr. I don’t believe that those women are safe.

Floyd is a chump and a weak human being. Sure he’s physically strong. He’s the best professional fighter in his class but he’s weak in the decency, moral and ethical departments. This guy should have kept his big mouth shut. Instead he opened it up and made himself look like a complete an utter monster.

Public Support

I believe that people like Floyd “I love to smack women around” Mayweather will continue to be barbaric human beings as long as the public pays to see his fights. You don’t see sponsors withdrawing from their relationships with this disgusting man. They continue to make money off him and it seems as if his fans and business partners only care about one thing and that’s money.

I don’t believe his sponsors and business partners are decent people. If they were, wouldn’t they have dropped Mayweather by now? Where is the public outrage of Mayweather, his domestic abuse problems and his support of another woman beater?

Ray Rice has lost his job and sponsorships. There is a public outcry against Ray Rice and there should be. Where is the public outcry against Floyd?

I believe that those who spend money on Floyd are, as Keith Olbermann would say, enablers of the terrible behavior displayed by Floyd “the woman beater” Mayweather.
Maybe I’m to blame as wells. I am writing an article about Floyd, even if I write about my belief that he is a scumbag, piece of garbage, degenerate and a person who has almost no character. I’m still writing about the piece of cow dung aren’t I?

Maybe we should listen to Olbermann and stop enabling people like Floyd Mayweather Jr. by not paying to watch their fight and their games and not sponsoring these creeps.

Correction: Floyd Mayweather doesn't have any sponsors and he owns his own production company. Thanks to Justin Maloney for pointing out the error.

With that said, I still beleive fans shouldn't watch his fight and the media shouldn't shun him.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Speaks Up

Do you believe that Floyd Mayweather is a horrible person?

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  1. Floyd has no sponcers ..he is his own boss. he has no handlers... he does what he wants. he puts out a product and people buy it..... it is not like the nfl where each player can be "let go" you cant let go out of floyd because he does not belong to an organization..and he generates way too much money for vegas.. People simple like his product. You cant take a mans craft away because of his personal problems

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