Sunday, September 7, 2014

Boom! Vikings Destroy the Rams

Cordarrelle Patterson Minnesota Vikings Sublimated 10.5" x 13" PlaqueMinnesota started the 2014 season with a bang and a boom. St. Louis was supposed to have a good defense but the veteran Matt Cassell and play maker Cordarrelle Patterson made that defense look like a bunch of amateurs.

The Vikings played well on all sides of the ball and it was refreshing to see the team get a road win, something that eluded them last season.

Vikings Defense was Impressive

I know that the Vikings played an offense that was without their starting quarterback (QB) Sam Bradford but last year the Vikings couldn't stop mediocre teams last season, especially on the road. It was nice to see them have a dominant performance on the road.

This game is a good building block for the Vikes and it should give them some confidence. We will see how well they play against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots next week.

The Vikings D had 5, count them, 5 sacks. They pressured/hurried St. Louis QBs all game long. Their pressure was relentless. The Defense also had 2 INTs, one of them by Harrison Smith for a pick 6.

Vikings Offense Has Improved from 2013

The Vikings offense led by Matt Cassell at QB seems to be improved from last year. Cassell seems to be in control for the most part but he did have a couple of miscues from under center as two snaps went over his head. That could have been disastrous but Cassell kept his cool and was able to prevent real danger.

It's obvious to me that Cassell is much more comfortable under center than his predecessor; Christian Ponder who panicked numerous times in the past few seasons.

Matt Cassell showed that he is a veteran. Cassell threw 2 TDs for 170 yards, and no INTs. That was good for a 113.8 passer rating.

For me the star of the game has to be Cordarrelle Patterson who was a dynamic player on offense and special teams. Patterson took a 67 punt return for a TD and that broke the game wide open.

Patterson finished the game with 102 yards rushing (1 TD and 3 carries) and 26 yards receiving (3 receptions)

If Cordarrelle keeps this up he will become the needed play maker that this team has been missing since Percy Harvin was with the team. In game 1, Patterson provided the same spark that Harvin was for the Seahawks in their victory over Green Bay this past Thursday.

It was also nice to see that the Vikings didn't rely solely on Adrian Peterson. Hopefully this will elevate pressure on AP and that will allow him to have a great impact on games. Now teams have to focus on something much greater than a one dimensional offense that consists of AP. That's what the Vikes were in past seasons.

Coaching Staff

The coaching staff led by Mike Zimmer (who is a defensive specialist) looks like they are in complete control. In past seasons I thought Vikings coaches looked confused and unsure of themselves. 

Zimmer and offensive coordinator Norv Turner have things under control and they sure have some good plays for the defense and offense to run. The offense is definitely more dynamic.

It's only game one but the future looks bright for the coaching staff. I was really happy with the hiring of Zimmer and Turner and early signs seem to indicate that the Vikings are on their way to future success.

Let's Thank the Rams

The Rams need to be thanked and congratulated for doing their part in helping the Vikings get the victory. On a number of occasions the Rams took penalties that either ended their drives or kept the Vikings drives alive.

The Vikings made sure to make the Rams pay for their lack of discipline and penalty taking. Even without those breakdowns I think the Vikings still would have won by a big margin.

The Vikings were clearly the better team today.

Let's not get too cock sure of ourselves Vikings fans; our boys have some tough games ahead of them. This is what the next Vikings schedule looks like for the next five games for the Vikes:

At home 
against the Patriots.
On the road at the Saints.
At home against the Falcons.
On the road at the Packers
At home against the Lions.

If the Vikings can weather that storm they will have a relief in the schedule for a few weeks.

Game one's MVP awards go to Cordarrelle Patterson and the Vikings Defense.

Go Vikes!

Vikings Defeat Rams

What do you think of the Vikings game 1 victory?

Good start
Only one game
Who cares. It was the Rams
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