Friday, September 12, 2014

Adrian Peterson Indicted for Negligent Injury to a Child

Adrian Peterson the star running back for the Minnesota Vikings has been indicted on a charge of negligent injury to a child (his child). The Vikings have deactivated Peterson for Sunday's game against the New England Patriots.

While I'm a huge Vikings fan, I need to use the same standard that I used regarding the Ray Rice situation. That means that I have a zero tolerance for child abuse. If Adrian is guilty of these charges he should be banned for life by the NFL.

I know that will not happen but Adrian should face a lengthy suspension if he is found to have beaten his child.


I, like most parents have my own discipline style. Mine doesn't involve corporal punishment. There is no physicality to my or my wife's punishment style.

I don't condemn parents who feel the need to use other methods of punishment but I don't personally believe that corporal punishment is a good long-term strategy and physical harm to a child could occur when instituting this form of punishment. That's my personal opinion.

Peterson is alleged to have beaten his child with a switch. It is alleged that Peterson's son suffered cuts and bruises on his "back, buttocks, ankles and legs". If this is indeed true, I believe that this went way beyond punishment and became a beating.

There should be no tolerance for abuse of children. Peterson may not have intended to inflict cuts and bruises to his child's body but it allegedly occurred. That's the risk of corporal punishment, especially if the punishment is being handed out in a fit of rage or anger.

Many people who believe in corporal punishment will tell you that the punishment should be handed out in a calm and controlled manner. This does not seem to be the case in this incident.

The NFL Needs to do the Right Thing

In the wake of the Ray Rice incident, the NFL will hopefully do things right with Peterson. Sure Peterson is one the league's biggest stars but the NFL needs put that aside and hand out the appropriate punishment if it's warranted.

The NFL has many critics looking into how it deals with serious crimes against women and children. I'm sure that the offices of the NFL must be chaotic right now with one of its star players being caught up in another violent incident.

How Roger Goodell and the NFL deals with Adrian Peterson will speak volumes about how determined the NFL is to hold its players accountable for serious offences.

Minnesota Vikings

The first step that should be taken by the Vikings is to do the same thing that many US businesses would do in a similar situation with their employees who are charged with this type of crime; that is to suspend Adrian Peterson with pay until it can gather more facts.

While the team might want to be cautious before doing anything before it can gather the facts, suspending Peterson with pay would send a message that the Vikings are both serious about dealing with abuse issues as well as wanting to do is due diligence regarding one of its players.

I do believe that Peterson will receive a severe punishment for his alleged behavior. The NFL can't afford another controversy like the Ray Rice situation. They may be forced to act before they want to because the nation will be looking for them to act and act now!

UPDATE (09/14/14 at 10:02 AM)
You should read an article in the Daily Norseman regarding Adrian Peterson's use of the switch and the text messages he send to his 4 year old son's mother. I believe it's abuse and it's disgusting. It's horrible plain and simple.

Peterson should be released by the Vikings and the NFL must hand out a lengthy suspension. I think a one year ban would be appropriate under the circumstances.

Adrian Peterson

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