Tuesday, September 2, 2014

2014 NFL Picks - Week #1

Autographed Russell Wilson Picture - 16x20 Rw Holo Id #74644Football fans! The time has come for our weekly installment of NFL picks. I can't believe the season is two nights away. Let the excitement begin and enjoy week one's picks.

I apologize in advance if I seem to be a curmudgeon this week but some of my picks leave me less than enamored.

Thursday Night Special - Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks
The season starts with a bang between two teams favored to win their divisions and both teams are favorites to win the NFC. Green Bay will win the North but this game will be a tell all of how their season will end.

In my opinion the Packers will coast in the North but will have trouble against the conference's best teams. Since I think Seattle will win the NFC this year, I think winning in Seattle, in week one will be particularly tough. The game will be close but...

Seattle wins 24-20.

Snoozer of the Week/Lock of the Week - Jacksonville Jaguars at Philadelphia Eagles
This game doubles as both the Snoozer and Lock of the Week picks. The only roar that will be heard in this game is the roar of the fans.

This game won't be close at all. It will be boring from the start unless you like routs.

Philadelphia wins 27-3.

Upset in the Making of the Week - San Francisco 49ers at Dallas Cowboys
Since I have to malk a pick I will choose this game. Look for Dallas to stifle Kaepernick.

Dallas wins 17-13.

Wild Card of the Week - Oakland Raiders at New York Jets
There's not much to say here. Both teams are terrible.

Jets win 13-10.

Monday Night Football (2 games this week):
There are two games to get excite about in week one...well really only one really gets me excited. Really, I don't like either game but I have to make my picks and I probably will watch them both.

NY Giants at Detroit Lions
Both teams will leave their fan bases in a terrible mood at the end of the season. This game will be a tune up for the pathetic football that will be played by these teams this season.

Eli will get a great start at honing his skills as an interception machine.

Detroit wins 14-10.

San Diego Chargers at Arizona Cardinals
I have both teams winning a combines total of 12 games this season. Win one will be checked off by Monday's end, unless of course these teams tie.

San Diego wins 17-14.

There you have it. My week one picks are in the books. All that is left is to see how well they pan out.

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