Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sportmentary Twitter Follower Challenge - Get in the Game

Sportmentary has a challenge for our Sportmentary Twitter followers. We are asking our Twitter followers to take our weekly sports challenge and send us your idea about what you want our opinion about as it relates to your favorite professional team, professional athlete or favorite sports league.

Maybe you want our opinion about in-game decisions made by your favorite team or player moves that your team made.

You might want to know our opinion about a particular story involving your favorite player or maybe you want to know our opinion about decisions made by your favorite professional sports league.

Send us your ideas about a story for the weekly challenge and if we think your idea is the best one of the week, we will feature an opinion based on your idea and mention you in the article (your Twitter Handle) and also Tweet about your idea winning the weekly challenge.

To take part in the weekly challenge you must have a Twitter account and you must send us your idea(s) via a direct message on Twitter or by emailing your idea to The winning idea for the week will be mentioned on Twitter and will be Tweeted to your handle!

Those of you who participate in the challenge (submit an idea) will receive a link and coupon code for 10% off a purchase of $100 coupon at TicketLiquidator. You can only receive one code per month. Coupon codes expire at the end of the month (See note below)

Note: Coupon codes will be submitted to eligible participants on the first day of the month following an idea proposal, so that the coupon can be maximized for a full calendar month.

Please note: questions regarding TicketLiquidaqtor use of the coupon and terms of the coupon should be directed to TicketLiquidator.

So take the Sportmentary Twitter Follower Challenge and get into the game! The challenge begins...NOW!

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