Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fool of the Day - Daniel Snyder

 Washington Redskins Football HelmetThe Fool of the Day is the Washington NFL football team's owner Daniel Snyder who says the team's nickname respects and honors Native Americans. In my opinion Daniel Snyder is a piece of garbage. I believe that this creep is avoid of human decency and respect for Native Americans.

I believe that one of the only ways that Washington will change its nickname is if Snyder is forced to do so. That would mean that the NFL would have to ban the name. For that to happen, the NFL would actually have to take a stand against such a horrible and demeaning name. The NFL has failed to do anything to force a name change.

Original Owner a Racist

Good old Dan should read about his team's history and its founding father George Preston Marshall who "opposed having" African Americans on his roster. Do you think Marshall was honoring or respecting Native Americans when he decided on the team's name? Of course not.

Daniel is either a complete and utter idiot, ignorant or a piece of garbage racist that is refusing to rid his team of what I believe is a racist name. I'll let you decide what he is but I don't believe he is an idiot or ignorant. Well maybe he isn't a racist...maybe he thinks keeping the name is a money making proposition.

So it's all about money isn't Dan? It sickens me that Snyder feels the need to defend such a horrible and demeaning name.

Is Snyder a good Person?

I have no idea if Snyder is a good person. I don't know him. Everything I know about him is what has been reported by the media and his quoted comments. I don't think a good person defends a horrible name. I don't believe a good person has to try and convince people that a horrible name is respectful and honors the people it demeans.

I'm Jewish like Daniel. If someone called me a derogatory name because of my religion I would be offended. Sure the ant-Semite that offended me could visit a few synagogues and have a few people who kiss their feet and tell them the name honors and respects them but a decent human being would scoff at such a suggestion.

Snyder Should Quit While He's Behind

In my opinion Snyder is losing this argument and the more he opens his mouth, the dumber and more insensitive he sounds. Snyder should quit while he's behind. the guy is making himself look like a scumbag and a rotten dirty human being.

As I said earlier, I'm not sure if he's a good person but I believe that he is portraying himself as a disgusting person. The more he opens his mouth the more I think he is proving the point that many people believe and that's that his team's name disparages Native Americans.

It makes me sick to my stomach that in this day in age in the greatest country on earth, we could have an owner who is allowed to have a team nickname that is derogatory to Native Americans.

I hope that someday, Daniel is forced to change his team's name. I don't believe he will do the decent thing and change it all by himself. I believe that if the name is changed it will be due to Snyder being forced to do so.

Daniel Snyder

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