Monday, August 4, 2014

Cincinnati Bengals Pay Andy Dalton Like an Elite Quarterback

Andy Dalton Signed Photograph - 8x10The Cincinnati Bengals reached a contract extension with quarterback Andy Dalton. The Dalton deal is reportedly for six years and 115 million green ones. The Bengals are paying Dalton like an elite QB and in my opinion Dalton is OK at best.

Dalton in the Playoffs

Dalton has taken the Bengals to the playoffs three times but he's been atrocious in those games. Don't believe me? Dalton has lost all three of his playoff appearances and has thrown for one, count them one touchdown and six interceptions. Wow that's elite isn't it. Dalton's rating in those games was 51.4, 44.7 and 67.0.

So the Bungals are paying a guy just for getting them to the playoffs? They are OK with that? That is nonsense. I believe you should pay a guy for being successful in the post season. Paying a guy 115 million dollars over six years without proving himself is laughable.

Training Camp 2014

The Bengals seem to be rating Dalton based on non-game situations. Apparently Mr. Dalton has had a very good training camp according to Bungals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson. According to Jackson, Dalton has been "sensational" during training camp.

OK, maybe I'm being too tough on the team. They must be basing their decision on other factors, like his regular season play.

Dalton in the Regular Season

To Dalton's credit he has accumulated a pretty good regular season record in his three years with the team. Dalton's record is 30-18 as a starter. That's pretty good. Dalton has also thrown for 80 TDs over three years. That's pretty good isn't it? Sure but he's also thrown 49 interceptions and fumbled the ball 10 times.

Andy Dalton isn't the guy I would want running my team's offense. I think he's too inconsistent and I don't trust that he can be successful in the playoffs. It might be OK that he does well in training camp but he has to prove himself when it counts and that's in the playoffs.

With the type of cash that the Bengals are throwing at him, he better produce. Nothing short of a Super Bowl championship will be a reward for the ridiculous contract that Cincinnati signed him to.

I might be too tough on Andy. I guess making it to the playoffs is an outstanding accomplishment as far as Cincinnati is concerned. They aren't used to having winning records. Making the playoffs is like winning the big game as far as they are concerned.

I feel sorry for the fans that have had to watch this team year in year out, especially in the past three years. The team's fans have had high hope, entering the playoffs with a decent record, only to see Andy throw away the game, literally.

If I was a Bengals fan, I wouldn't be happy that they signed the guy to such a huge deal, because Andy isn't such a huge deal!

Andy Dalton Contract

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