Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tears Pour Down from the Brazilian Soccer Gods

As it rains in Rio tonight, it seems as if the Brazilian soccer gods are mourning Germany's destruction of Brazil in today's semi-final match. The soccer Gods are weeping. They are crying and they must know that this loss and the way that the Brazilians played are a complete and utter disgrace and embarrassment.

It's not that Brazil lost that has me angry tonight; it's how they lost that is maddening. I and almost every soccer fan expected Brazil to lose due to the fact that Neymar was injured and out of the tournament and that Thiago Silva was out due to having accumulated two yellow cards in matches preceding the match.

I think it's disgusting how the Brazilians showed a lack of organization and a lack of heart. The Brazilian players should be ashamed of their lack of effort and their lackluster playing. The Brazilians showed a lack of heart and they had no fight in them. They gave up and allowed Germany to obliterate them.

Brazil allowed Germany to destroy them on their home field. They proved to the nation of Brazil that the players on the pitch were bums. They are a disgrace to the sport and a disgrace to their country. As I said earlier it's not that they lost but that they displayed no effort and didn't fight until the end. They wilted like dead flowers. They were a joke.

So who should take the fall for this blunder? First and foremost Brazil's manger Luiz, Felipe Scolari should be fired immediately. How could you allow the manager to continue with this team after this humiliation? The Brazilian Football Federation needs to send a message to future managers that this type of result will not be tolerated.

The next step that the federation needs to take is to ban Thiago Silva from playing for Brazil ever again. It was Silva, the captain that stupidly interfered with Columbia's netminder, earning a yellow card and being suspended for the semi-final match today.

Silva is a disgrace and showed a lack of judgement. He hurt his team. He's a complete clown and doesn't deserve to play for Brazil ever again.

The Federation should also ban every player (besides netminder Cesar) who took the pitch today. Since those players are a disgrace to their nation and displayed little if any effort on the pitch, they don't deserve to ever play for Brazil again. They are bums and they played like amateurs. Their lack of desire to display any effort today was awful and inexplicable.

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