Monday, July 14, 2014

Devastated Argentinian Fans a Beautiful Site for this Soccer Fan

Brazilian 2014 World CupSeeing the crying, heartbroken and devastated Argentinian fans after Germany’s victory over Argentina in the World Cup Final was a beautiful site for me. It made my day that millions of people in Argentina were devastated by their team’s loss in the biggest game that soccer has to offer.

Argentinian Soccer Fans are Classless

In the days leading up to the World Cup title game, the Argentinian fans acted like you would expect; cocky, obnoxious and stupid are just a few words to describe them. They went around Rio laughing and ridiculing Brazilians. They said that the inferior drug addicted, buffoon named Diego "Crackadona" Maradona was greater than Pele.

These morons are either stupid or…stupid fits. If these numbskulls knew anything, they would know that Pele won more World Cups (3) than Argentina has ever won. Pele is the only player to win three World Cups.

Unlike the Germans, Argentinian fans are classless. They counted their chickens before they hatched and ended up with nothing. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Can they count?

You have to wonder if Argentinian soccer fans can count. In an attempt to mock Brazilians, Argentines (Or Argentinians) made ludicrous comments. They tried to tell Brazilians that winning the World Cup in Brazil would count as three World Cups, meaning they would have five, equaling Brazil’s five World Cups (most by any nation).

This is the worst form of taunting I’ve ever heard of. If you are going to taunt your rival (who you aren't even playing against) do it by being smart, not idiotic. I know that’s too much to ask of these fans. It’s a stretch to believe that they can count from two to five without getting messed up along the way.

It would have been devastating to Brazilians had their hated rival won on their soil. Argentinians would have partied in the streets of Rio, mocking and taunting Brazilians. That didn't happen. They left Rio with the same number of World Cup titles that they had when they arrived in Rio.

Long Trip Home

ESPN reported that many Argentinian fans drove three to four days to reach Rio to see the World Cup Final. I’m sure the trip to Rio was much more fun and promising than the long trip back home. Driving home for Argentinians has to feel like an eternity. I can hardly contain my laughter. Tears are rolling down my face, thinking of the sour pusses in those cars and around Argentina. I wish I could see those faces.

Argentinians do have one thing to look forward to in the next four years (and beyond). They can look forward to Disgracego Maradona’s comments. Maradona is good for something; that is outlandish, obnoxious and derogatory comments.

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