Monday, June 16, 2014

Ghona - Drama in USA vs. Ghana World Cup Match

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When team USA scored just thirty seconds into their match with Ghana on a beautiful goal by Clint Dempsey, it looked like the USA might roll onto victory. History told us that this match would be a tight affair and would come down to some dramatic moments as the match neared its end.

That's exactly what happened. For most of the match's 90 regular minutes and nine additional minutes, Ghana dominated the match. They held the ball for most of the game and greatly out chanced the Americans. Adding to team USA's hardship was an unfortunate injury to Jozy Altidore who went down in the 21st minute with a strained hamstringing injury.

The Americans are a tough group of men. They were resilient, gritty and opportunistic. They are like Ali in The Rumble in the Jungle. Like Ali who allowed Foreman to take his shots and swings until he had no gas, the Americans allowed Ghana to take their shots and for the most part, Team USA was able to withstand the shots.

When Andre Ayew scored in the 82nd minute it looked like the USA would have to work for the tie but John Brooks Jr. scored off a set piece in the 86th minute, a corner kick taken by Graham Zusi, the Americans showed that they are opportunists.

Both men were heroes on Monday. Both men sent Ghana leaving their first game of the World Cup without a point. It was an awesome moment and it was beautiful. You could feel that the Americans would capitalize on their set piece. The Americans are on good set pieces and they showed their fans why they can't ever be counted out of a match.

The result wasn't only great because our boys needed a victory to have a chance in their brutal group but also because Ghana has had USA's number in the past two World Cups and it was nice to see them come out on top of this game.

Soccer is about capitalizing on your chances and that's what our boys did. Its one thing to have chances but it's quite another to actually score on those chances. Team USA showed the world that they don't need many chances to burn you. These men will fight to the end and won't give up.

What a game and what a feeling it is being a Team USA fan.

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