Monday, May 12, 2014

Taming Johnny Manziel is Like Trying to Treat a Pit-bull like a Chihuahua

Johnny Manziel "johnny Football" Signed 11x14 Photo Psa/dna #w46284Johnny Manziel is already on the tame alert in Cleveland. Johnny is being Johnny. He’s allegedly partying up a storm. That’s Johnny’s MO. He marches to a different drummer. The Cleveland brass is not prepared to tolerate that behavior.

Reportedly the Cleveland Browns have spoken with Manziel and told him to act like a backup and that he’s not the starting QB. They've also told Manziel that he needs to show up prepared to work hard.
WOW! The Browns are pros at stating the obvious. Has less than seven days of the Manziel honeymoon created panic in Cleveland?

Manziel is a Show

The Browns must have known that with Johnny you get a show time atmosphere. If the Browns weren't prepared to deal with all the glitz, glamour and pomp and circumstance that Johnny brings to the table, they should have drafted another QB.

Johnny also brings the ability to put people in the stands and to sell merchandise. Maybe the Browns should shut their pieholes and let Johnny be Johnny. Johnny was a risk because he is a guy that likes to party and have a good time. He’s also a guy that has the potential of being a dynamic player on the field.

Did the Light Bulb Just go off?

Why are the Browns acting like reactionaries now? Didn't they do their research on Johnny? They should have known what they were getting when they drafted for him. My guess is that they believe that he will be a great QB. My guess is that they also know he’s immature and likes to march to his own drummer.

There’s a way to deal with a guy like that but doing so in a public manner is not the way of going about it. They should deal with Johnny (regarding their expectations) like they would with any other player, assuming they have a code of conduct policy in the first place and aren't winging it as they move along.

How Easy is it to Tame Johnny?

Have you ever tamed a pit-bull? Have you tried to treat a pit-bull as if it were a Chihuahua? There’s always a possibility of changing the pit-bull’s behavior but the likelihood of completely taming that pit-bull isn't the greatest or the easiest.

Taming Johnny is possible and you might convince Johnny to alter his behavior. In the process you might have also tamed Johnny’s drive, ability and dynamic nature. Those are things that make Johnny great.

I think Johnny will grow up and when he hits training camp, I believe that you will see a professional and a guy who is serious about his craft.

The Browns should convey their expectations and philosophies to Johnny. They should do that with every player. Singling him out and trying to put him in his place is playing with fire and unfair.

Johnny is a rookie and I’m sure his teammates will make him aware of that and they will be able to put him in his place. It’s more effective coming from his teammates than Cleveland’s brass that now seem to be worried that they've drafted a firecracker.

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