Thursday, May 1, 2014

One sign that the Cleveland Browns will continue to fail? Vince Young Signs with the Browns

Vince Young Autographed 11x14 Photo - SM HoloNow that I've stopped laughing and regained my breath, I can sit down and put my fingers to the keyboard. I mentioned in a comment section of a website last week that you know the Browns are pathetic if they sign Vince Young. What did the Browns do? They signed Vince Young.

This news shows me that the Browns, perennial losers, haven’t figured out how to win. They continue to fumble the ball, literally and figuratively. This team is a joke. Vince Young is obviously a great fit for this team. He is also a perennial loser on the field and has mastered the art of riding the bench. Is he even a good bench warmer?

Vince Young’s stats prove that he’s not a Winner mentioned that Vince Young has played in 50 NFL games, throwing 46 TDs and 51 Interceptions. Young hasn’t played in the NFL since 2011. So much for Vince working off the rust that has built up from being non-existent in the past couple of seasons.

Young has been a bust. The guy had tons of promise but he didn't materialize into a reliable starter year in and year out. I think Vince Young is more of a headache and distraction than its worth. Most NFL teams would pass on the guy but not the Browns.

A Secret plan for Vince?

Maybe the Cleveland Browns have a secret plan for Vince. Maybe that secret plan is what has led to the Browns success. Hold on cowboy…wait a minute…the Browns a success? When did that happen? Umm…he scratches his head…Besides 2002 and 1994 before that; it’s been 25 years since the Browns were a relevant team.

A better name for the Browns is the Black & Blues. I can see it now…Taking the field for the Black & Blues is Vince Young. Then there are groans from the crowd. I feel terrible for making fun of the Cleveland Browns. They deserve my sympathy but they’ve been such disaster for so long and now that they signed Vince Young, I can’t see how he makes the team any better.

Vick Young will not be the starter

Before you have a nervous breakdown at the thought of your Cleveland Browns starting Mr. Young, you should note that Vince will not be the starter when the regular season starts. That job will go to Hoyer. Who knows if Young will be on the roster at season’s end?

Unless Hoyer becomes a disaster, Young will likely be a bench warmer. Then again, being a disaster is very possible for a Cleveland Browns starter. It’s not like the Browns have been the envy of the NFL when it comes to the quarterback position.

Maybe we will all be surprised and Vince Young will earn the starting job and lead the Browns to the playoffs. Then again maybe not.

Vince Young

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