Friday, May 9, 2014

NFL Draft Special: Teddy is the Bridge over the Vikings Troubled Quarterback Waters

Signed Teddy Bridgewater Photograph - 8x10The night started off as many Vikings fans and media experts had predicted but the trade that got them to their first pick was a little bit of a surprise. The Vikings traded down to 9th place allowing the Cleveland Browns to move to their eighth spot.

Johnny Manziel was still available at that point in time. The Vikings filled a need by selecting linebacker Anthony Barr out of UCLA. From that point on, the draft became the Johnny Manziel watch. I could almost feel the tension of my fellow Minnesota Vikings fans. The Vikings next pick was set at 40. What if anything were the Vikings going to do to fill what was probably their greatest need; A franchise quarterback (QB)?

When the Cleveland Bowens moved up to the 22nd pick via a trade and then picked Johnny Manziel, Vikings fans probably started to panic. I have to admit, I was one of them.

Teddy Bridgewater it is

At the time of Manziel’s pick, there were still some top rated QB’s of the 2014 class available. Teddy Bridgewater was probably the most coveted QB that was available.  Johnny Manziel and Blake Bortels (selected 4th overall by the Jaguars) had already been selected.

As the first round was coming to a close and teams had continued to pass on QBs, the Minnesota Vikings made a trade with the Seattle Seahawks to trade up from 40th to 32nd (the last pick of the first round).

The words that came out of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s mouth were music to my ears and probably the vast majority of Minnesota Vikings fans ears. Teddy Bridgewater was the man of the hour. Minnesota got their quarterback and arguably one of the top three QBs in this year’s draft.

Hopefully for Minnesota Vikings fans the team has their QB of the future.

Rick Spielman Deserves a Lot of Credit

I was starting to question how this draft was going after the Vikings made their selection at the ninth spot. That wasn't fair but the way the quarterback situation has gone for the past few years I was worried that the Vikings would not get the right guy.

Rick Spielman showed that he is definitely a wheeler and a dealer. Spileman has mastered the art of the draft. I believe that he had lots of input from offensive coordinator Norv Turner and head coach Mike Zimmer.

Norv is an offensive guru and has helped groom some to notch quarterbacks in his career. Norv must have believed that Teddy is the guy he can work with and groom into a top rated QB in the NFL.

Spielman got this pick right and while he had Vikings fans biting their nails, he had a plan. Was there some luck to it? I believe there’s always an element of luck to the NFL draft. Things have to work out just as a GM plans and they also have to adapt to the craziness and the drama that unfolds from pick to pick.

I believe that most of what Rick Spielman did in the first round was calculated and he definitely filled two important needs for the team (A pass rusher and a quarterback).

In my opinion the first round was a resounding success for the Minnesota Vikings. I have to give Rick Spielman an A for the job that he’s done so far in the 2014 NFL draft.

Minnesota Vikings fans; Are you excited for football season? You betcha you are.

Rick Spielman

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  1. Everson Griffen is terrible and shouldn't have been signed. He would be better off being a professional bowler

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