Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New York Yankees Manager Joe Girardi Says He's Not a Kid

Autographed Joe Girardi Photo - 8x10Joe Girardi was tossed out of Monday's game against the Los Angeles Angels for running onto the field and arguing with plate umpire Laz Diaz. Girardi was mad about "inconsistencies" with Diaz's calls. Girardi claims that Diaz waved his finger at him.

Girardi is mad that Diaz scolded him by waving his finger at him. Girardi said that he isn't a kid. Is Joe a complete and utter dunce? The last time I checked, grown men don't run onto the field of play and argue with an umpire when they don't agree with them? Well...they do in Major League Baseball (MLB).

Grown men don't usually yell and scream when things don't go their way. Can you imagine doing that at your work place? You would be out on the street. Can you imagine doing that to those friendly people auditing your company?

While Joe Girardi might look like a grown man, he acted like a child. I think it's time for Joe to put his pacifier back in his mouth...or he could suck on his thumb.

I've come to expect and accept arguments between managers and umpires. Girardi is right that he's technically not a child but he sure acted like one and Diaz put him in his place. Instead of being sent to the corner, Girardi was sent to the locker room.

I'm not upset with the fact that Girardi acted like a third grader and ran onto the field throwing a tantrum but I do think it's being idiotic when Girardi says that he isn't a little kid.

Girardi does sound childish for making his comments. It's like he's still sulking and pouting. That's the type of behavior you would expect from a kid and not an adult unless they are an MLB player or manager.

When these so called adults act like kids, they shouldn't be so upset when they are treated like ones and put in their rightful place which is being thrown out of the game and having fingers pointed at them.

Joe Girardi

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