Thursday, May 15, 2014

Milan Lucic is a Cry Baby

This article also doubles as our Fool of the Day. Who is that fool you may ask? It’s none other than the poor sport cheap shot artist Milan Lucic of the Boston Bruins. Why don’t I like this guy? Milan embodies everything I dislike about the Bruins.

Why is Milan our fool for today? In typical Milan fashion he had to act like a poor sport, cry baby, sore loser and obnoxious scoundrel after his Boston Bruins were eliminated from the playoffs by Les Habitants de Montreal last night.

Lucic allegedly threatened Montreal player Dale Weise. The guy is a creep. Lucic is making a name fr himself as a disgusting and unsavory hockey player. keep up the bad work Milan. Hockey fans are noticing what a disgrace you are to the sport.

Poor Milan couldn't take the fact that his number one ranked Eastern conference team lost to the Montreal Canadians.

Milan had some words with Montreal players during the customery handshake.  Milan disrespected what the handshake is all about in the NHL. It’s about good sportsmanship. It’s about respecting the game of hockey. After teams and rivals have beaten each other up for seven hard fought games, players can take a few moments to shake each other’s hands.

Very few handshake lines end up the way Milan treated it last night. Milan acted like a clown. I have lost any respect that I might have had for the guy and I barely had any left for him. I think he makes a mockery of the game. I don’t like Milan.

Let’s take you back a few weeks. During the first round series between Boston and Detroit, Milan speared Detroit Red Wings player Danny DeKeyser from behind and between his legs. It looked like Danny was speared in his private area
That spear embodies who Milan is on the ice. He disrespects his opponents and the game of hockey. Why would Milan do that to a player who had his back turned to him? Not only was that a cheap shot but shows that Milan is a sissy.

Poor Milan couldn’t face the guy before trying to decapitate Danny’s…you know what I’m talking about. I think I dislike Milan more than I normally would because he plays for the Boston Bruins. I grew up being a Habs fan and Boston is the ultimate rival to the Canadians.

I grew to hate the Bruins. Milan is a perfect match for the Bruins. As I said he’s obnoxious and disrespectful. I’m glad he will be watching the rest of the NHL Playoffs from the confines of his home.

In parting, I would like to make two more comments. First of all, it was great to hear how quiet it got at TD Garden when Montreal was victorious. The only people you could hear were Montreal players screaming in joy that they had advanced to the conference finals.

My last point is how I describe Milan as a player. Borrowing from the old TV show Night Court when Bull has to say one good thing about Dan Fielding who is missing, “he’s a mammal”. I can’t think of anything nice to say about Milan Lucic the hockey player.

Milan Lucic

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