Thursday, May 8, 2014

It's Party Time in Cleveland - Johnny Manziel Picked 22nd by Browns

Signed Johnny Manziel Photograph - 16x20 Color Cheering PSA DNAIt's time to party Cleveland Browns fans. It's time to party. Your Cleveland Browns picked Johnny Manziel with their 22nd pick. The Browns traded up to get Manziel.

I've made fun of the Browns this off season due to their fumbling and bumbling. In this 2014 NFL draft the Browns did a great job. The Browns traded up from 9th to 8th (Minnesota Vikings) and chose Cornerback Justin Gilbert. That filled one need and then the drama started to unfold.

Johnny Manziel Drama
After 21 picks in this year's NFL draft, Johnny Manziel was undrafted. It had been a disappointing draft for Johnny. Johnny was going to be drafted but the question was when. Would it be 26th, 27th or even 30th? No one knew the answer to that question.

Then in a flash, Cleveland pulled off another great trade, trading up to 22nd. These words were ushered by Roger Goodell; With the 22nd pick, the "Cleveland Browns select Johnny Manziel".

That was all the faithful needed to know in Cleveland. ESPN reported that fans erupted in joy with the news of Manziel's signing.

Johnny is going to make 21 Teams Regret Not Picking Him
I have to admit that I'm not an NFL Draft guru but after criticizing Manziel a few months back, I've grown to think the guy will be a great QB in the NFL. I had the pleasure of watching a couple of Texas A&M games last season and Johnny impressed me.

He's a leader on the field. He's a dynamic guy. He's a winner and he can singlehandedly change the complexion and outcome of a game. Johnny is a playmaker and a game changer.

In one game, Johnny's team was down by two cores and the team looked down and out. He huddled his guys together and while you couldn't hear what he was saying, you got the feel that Johnny was telling his guys that he was going to lead them to victory.

In dramatic fashion, Johnny Manziel did lead his team to victory. I'm not sure why his stock tumbled so quickly. Maybe it's a character issue but I'll tell you this; Johnny is going to light up the field and he's going to make teams regret that they didn't draft him.

Johnny is going to want to prove everyone wrong and stick it to everyone who doubted him. He's going to stick it to them by beating up on their teams and winning games. Johnny will get the last laugh.

Browns Fans Deserve Something to Cheer About
This is one of the most promising picks in a long time for the Browns. I love the pick and I love what the Browns have done so far in the draft.

It's not too common for this football fan to give the Browns compliments but they deserve it tonight. It's not like I enjoyed beating up on the Browns or wanted them to fail. I want the Browns to succeed and I believe Manziel will provide the Browns with some great days and lots of excitement.

I'm happy for Browns fans and I'm happy that they are excited about their team's future. I think that this team finally has that franchise QB that they've been looking for. The Browns have been burned by past draft picks but I do believe that this time is different. Johnny is coming to town and he's bringing his football with him.

Johnny Manziel

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