Friday, May 9, 2014

Fool of the Day - Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon Signed Photograph - 8x10 Catch Against Jaguars JSA WToday's Fool of the Day is Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon who is facing being banned for the season for failing another drug test (failed months ago). reported that Gordon had drug related issues in college. This guy is a loser and obviously has a problem. He needs to get help and he does need to be suspended.

Gordon is sabotaging his career. If this was the first time that he had failed a test, I would be able to say that he deserves a second chance to prove that he's willing to remain drug free. Unfortunately it doesn't appear that Gordon wants to play by the rules.

Before he knows it, his career will be over. Does this guy think that his current team and other NFL teams will want him if he continues to abuse drugs? Who wants a repeat violator of the NFL's drug policy program on their team?

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Josh Gordon

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