Thursday, May 29, 2014

Clown Town in New York – Same Old Wonderful New York Jets

Signed Rex Ryan Photo - 8x10 w COA #1The New York Jets never disappoint NFL fans that relish seeing the Jets continue their mediocre ways. Fans like me love and laugh at Clown Town in New York. Who is the head Clown? It’s None other than Rex Ryan.

Rex Ryan finally admitted that there is a QB competition between incumbent Geno Smith and the has-been Michael Vick. The fact that a guy like Vick who is injury prone and has seen better days is in the mix to be the starter of the Jets is a joke in and of itself.

If Michael Vick is on board with being in a QB competition he is doing a great acting job. Vick responded to questions from reporters regarding a QB competition by stating that there was none.

So what is it? Does Vick think that Rex has pre-ordained Geno to be the starter come game one? Does Vick not want to be a starter anymore? I doubt that the latter is true. So it must be that Vick is questioning Rex about there being an open competition.

Rex is a funny guy. You never know what is going on in his head. He is the guy that destroyed Mark Sanchez’s season in 2013 by putting him in a meaningless pre-season game in the 4th quarter with a bunch of 3rd stringers.

While I do think that Vick is the better QB, it doesn’t mean that the Han Gliders would win many games with Vick under center. I believe that Vick is washed up, injury prone and a shell of his former self.

The Jets are in a pickle. They have two sub-par QBs and a fan base that continues to be shell shocked by the team’s inability to be relevant. As other NFL teams improve, the Jets continue to be hampered by the Rex bug.

Just when you think Rex has calmed down and stopped his ridiculous antics, he finds a way to continue to be a clown. Before he opens his yap to the media, he should make sure that his house is in order. The QB situation in New York has been a joke the past few seasons and it looks to get even worse this season.

While I don’t like the team, I do feel for the fan base. What the fan base has to witness with their beloved club is ridiculous. They deserve much better. One thing you can’t take away from Jets fans is their passion and loyalty for their team.

I’ve said it before and I will repeat it once more; Rex Ryan is not the right guy for this team. The Jets need a credible and level headed coach. Rex isn't that type of guy.

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