Thursday, April 24, 2014

World Cup Workers in Qatar Are Being Slaughtered reported today that a handful of people protested at a press conference attended by FIFA president Sepp Blatter regarding the unsafe working conditions of World Cup workers in Qatar. According to the Associated Press, The International Trade Union Confederation has reported that 1,200 people workers have died working at 2022 World Cup construction sites in Qatar. Anchor Adrian Holman has reported about the unsafe conditions in Qatar numerous times in his reports. Holman has stated that many of the workers are migrant workers from other countries. Holman believes that FIFA, the governing body of soccer has done nothing to curb worker safety issues.

FIFA has Dropped the Ball Regarding the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

It’s a shame that the IOC has done very little to demand that Qatar provide safe working conditions for World Cup workers. FIFA awards World Cups and sets standards from everything from construction of stadiums and facilities to other regulations.

Sepp Blatter has acknowledged that he’s aware of the situation in Qatar. That’s troubling for me to hear. So he’s aware that 1,200 people have died due to poor working conditions? What is he doing to change those conditions?

Is Qatar paying FIFA huge sums of money to do nothing? I don’t have evidence of that but over the years there have been a number of accusations against FIFA that they accept bribes from potential host countries for their events.

A number of FIFA officials have been suspended in the past few years for taking bribes or for game fixing. So it isn’t much of a leap to believe that they may be receiving money to shut their pieholes and toe the line.
Is there anything that Blatter and FIFA can do to rectify the situation in Qatar?

FIFA Should Award the 2022 World Cup to Another Nation

I do think that FIFA can do something to stop the insanity in Qatar. I believe that FIF should ban Qatar from hosting the World Cup in 2022. 1,200 deaths on their watch is terrible and unacceptable. Why would Sepp and his cronies at FIFA want to be associated with the heinous situation in Qatar?

By standing by without lifting a hand to protect World Cup Workers, FIFA officials are as much to blame as the officials in Qatar that also seems to be doing nothing to improve the working conditions for the workers.
The big question is who would host the World Cup? Russia will host the 2018 World Cup. 

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics was considered a success. We can assume that Russia will put on a good event in 2018.

That would make Russia the logical country to host the World Cup four years later. Russia would have all the facilities needed to re-host the event. All that would be needed would be for Russia do some maintenance and make some minor improvements. I think that FIFA needs to send a message to Qatar that worker safety is important and that there are consequences for having 1,200 deaths caused by poor working conditions.

It’s time for FIFA to show that it has a backbone. FIFA needs to act now so more deaths don’t occur. If they continue to do nothing they will have more blood on their hands. I hope that they will stop this madness.


Should FIFA strip Qatar of the World Cup?

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