Friday, April 18, 2014

The NHL is investigating Whether Joel Quenneville Grabbed it

Update: The NHL has fined Joel Quenneville $25,000.

Signed Joel Quenneville Picture - *CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS* 8X10 W COAThe NHLis investigating whether Chicago Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville grabbed his crotch during the second overtime period in game one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. With St. Louis already a man down in the penalty box, officials gathered to discuss if the Blues should be assessed a delay of game penalty (if the puck was shot directly into the crowds without being tipped or hitting any part of the boards or protective glass).

The officials determined that no penalty should be assessed. Quenneville was not a happy camper. He started yelling at the officials and then looked like he grabbed his crotch.

Was there an Itch in Quenneville’s Pants?

I don’t think so. I think it was just a poor attempt at mocking the officials. It was a rude gesture. He should have been a little more restrained. It’s one thing to disagree with the officials and even yell at them but grabbing one’s package? That’s not acceptable.

I almost couldn’t believe it when I saw it. It was a tough call for the referees but I think they handled the situation correctly. If they weren’t 100% certain that the play warranted a delay of game penalty, they had to opt for a no call.

The Blues would score early in the third overtime to win the game. That must have made Joel even angrier. His team should have won the game. They were the better team on Thursday night but as is often the case in the playoffs the better team doesn’t always win.

What Should the NHL Do with Joel Quenneville?

If the NHL determines that Joel Quenneville did indeed grab his whatsums, he should be fined. The fine should sting a little bit. That would take the itch away that Joel must be feeling. All kidding aside, a fine is in order here. Quenneville’s actions on live television were unacceptable and offensive.

After the initial belly laugh, one can easily feel that Quenneville went too far in displaying his displeasure, even if he wanted to grab the attention of…the officials.

I feel sorry for any official that has to review the tape. They’ll have to try and keep a straight face. I can’t imagine how they will remain serious if they have to tell Mr. Quenneville that he is being suspended for inappropriate behavior.

That announcement will likely send Joel through the roof but hopefully he grabs for something else next time. I’m sure he doesn’t want to hurt himself.

I do think that Joel Quenneville will be embarrassed with his actions when he looks back at the tape of the crotch grabbing incident. He is likely to realize that his actions were inappropriate, rude and soar on the eyes.

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