Sunday, April 13, 2014

Take a Load off Manny - Pacquiao Wins Title

Manny Pacquiao won the WBO Welterweight World Title Saturday night by defeating Timothy Bradley. The two went the distance with Pacquiao winning all three of the judges' score cards. It was a convincing victory, similar to the last fight these two had in 2012. In that fight Bradley won by decision.

It's good to see Manny reclaim his rightful spot as a boxing champion, something that the incompetent judges took away from him in the first fight.

Manny Pacquiao Was Robbed by the Judges in 2012

By most media accounts, boxing experts and the vast majority of boxing fans, Timothy Bradley was decisively beaten in 2012 by Manny. Despite that being obvious to almost everyone who saw the fight, the disgusting judges awarded a split decision to the obvious loser Timothy Bradley.

Manny went back to work and was able to avenge that brutal, dishonest and unfair decision. This time there were credible and decent judges who handed Manny a unanimous decision. I'm glad Bradley didn't win unfairly this time.

No Doubt who is the Better Boxer

There should be no doubt who is the better boxer. Manny Pacquiao dominated both fights. He had very little trouble with Bradley. I hope this puts an end to the debate ab who is the better boxer. Bradley got a gift in 2012, something he didn't earn or deserve.

Now justice has been rendered. Bradley now knows what defeat tastes like and it isn't good. Too bad he didn't have the same taste in 2012.

Will this Rejuvenate Manny Pacquiao's Career?

Hopefully this will be the victory that will rejuvenate Manny's career. Since the 2012 Bradley fight, Manny has been struggling to regain his form. Hopefully this victory isn't a blip on the screen.

I think Manny will be able to have some success moving forward. At 35 years old, he's shown that he is a versatile fighter. The window for Manny to win big time fights is shrinking but he's a great fighter with tons of experience in the ring.

He will be fighting as champion and really doesn't have much to prove, at least in my mind. Manny has had a great career and this fight proves that to me.

I believe that Manny will go down as one of the great boxers of his generation.

Many Pacquiao

Are you happy that Pacquiao defeated Timothy Bradley?

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