Friday, April 25, 2014

Suspended Pitcher Michael Pineda Claims Ignorance

Michael Pineda was suspended for 10 games after being ejected for using pine tar during Wednesday’s game between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. Pineda claims he didn't know the consequences of using pine (didn't know he could be suspended).

I don’t believe that for a second. I’m not even sure why Pineda would say he didn't know he could be suspended. He knew that it was wrong to use pine tar and that it was against MLB rules to do so.

Past Pine Tar use Allegations

Earlier in the season, Pineda had been accused of using pine tar. Don’t you think that the New York Yankees would have had a sit-down with Michael to explain the ramifications for his use of the substance?

As far as MLB is concerned it doesn't matter if Pineda knew or didn't know that he could be suspended for cheating. He cheated, got caught and was suspended. If I was close to Mr. Pineda, I would recommend that he gets a copy of the rule book and reads it cover to cover.

I would then recommend that he has a meeting with his manager and pitching coaches to discuss the possible ramifications for violating each and every rule.

More than one meeting might be necessary to explain all the scenarios available to MLB for violating a specific rule. I think it would be easier to tell Michael that he should expect to be fined and or suspended any time that he violates a rule.

The best approach for Pineda is not to break any rules. Just be clean dude. Don’t do it. It’s not worth it. Clean up your act.

The Yankees or Pineda are Dumb

Either Pineda is a dunce for not listening to the Yankees (assuming they had a sit down with him) or the Yankees are dumb for not having that sit down. Someone is not playing with a full deck and if I had to make a guess, I would say that the dunce is Pineda.

Pineda needs to realize that he’s embarrassed his team for one main reason. He got caught. The guy is not a very good cheater. He’s not very inconspicuous is he? Pineda has moron written all over his face or should I say neck. Actually it was the pine tar that was on his neck.

Trust Michael Pineda to turn an already bad situation into a nightmare by telling the media that didn't know he could be suspended. He made himself look like a complete and utter idiot. At least he can throw a little baseball towards the mound. If he couldn't do that, he would be totally lost.

Michael Pineda

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