Wednesday, April 23, 2014

State College Soon to Have Joe Paterno Statue

The big news out of State College, Pennsylvania today is that a JoePaterno statue in downtown State College, Pennsylvania will be erected and that an artist has been commissioned to design the statue.

It’s only been a couple of years since the Penn State sexual abuse allegations surfaced. When all was said and done, Joe Paterno, the face of Penn State football for decades was shamed and ridiculed. Penn State would end up removing the statue from the Stadium and the university would face some of the harshest penalties ever.

The NCAA fined Penn State because of overwhelming evidence alleging that Joe Paterno didn’t do enough to stop his friend, Jerry Sandusky’s reign of sexual terror at Penn State. Many believe that Jerry Sandusky was abusing young men right under Paterno’s nose. Well now right under but you know what I mean.


I find it disgusting that two alumni would make one of their lifelong causes to have a Joe Paterno statue erected in State College. This is only a guess but I believe that if these two men and the people funding this nonsense had been abused or one of their loved ones had been abused, they would not support such a disgusting thing being erected as a Joe Paterno State.

I would like to believe that if I was a former player of Joe Paterno’s that I would be able to understand that Joe Paterno’s alleged conduct and behavior regarding Joe Sandusky was disgusting. I would also want to have nothing to do with a statue of his likeness being erected anywhere in the world, especially State College.

Re-Opening the Wounds of abuse

The victims of Jerry Sandusky have only recently been able to start the healing process and the harm caused by that monster. I’m sure all the victims want to forget about that animal and the man (Joe Paterno) they believe allowed his crimes to continue for many years. Now their wounds will be reopened as they have to deal with the fact that a Staute of joe Paterno will be erected.

I know that there are many alumni and former players that hold Paterno in high regard but the seriousness of this crime should dictate decent, moral and ethical behavior. There are very few people that believe that Paterno was innocent of the allegations directed at him. Very few people in the non-Penn State world would want to be associated with a statue of Joe Paterno.

Most cities would not want to be associated with a statue of a man who has been accused of sitting idly by while his friend committed heinous crimes against young men.

Allowing such a statue to be placed in downtown State Collegeis not only insensitive to the victims; it’s downright shameful and disgusting.

I have no idea what gets in the brains of people who idolize a football coach and are willing to look the other way when that idol is accused of horrible things.

Joe Paterno might have been a great coach but if the allegations of his behavior are true (and I believe they are), Joe Paterno was a worthless human being. When it comes crimes against children we need to have balanced approach of how we idolized the creeps that sit idly by as they are being raped. That approach should be that we are disgusted with this type of person and want nothing to have with them or their memory.

Joe Paterno Statue

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