Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sit on a Hot Potato and you Get Burned – Minnesota Timberwolves Approach to Kevin Love

Signed Love Picture - 8x10If you sit on a hot potato chances are you will get burned and that wouldn't feel too good. This is the approach that the Minnesota Timberwolves and their owner Glen Taylor seem to be taking with their hot potato, NBA star Kevin Love.

Sitting on a hot potato in this case refers to the team sitting on a great player without securing his future (for a long time) with the team.

Love is a machine. He’s awesome and a fan favorite. When he signed the pathetic contract (in terms of length) that the Minnesota Timberwolves offered him last time around he made his displeasure known to the public. The Timberwolves vowed that they wouldn't commit to him and right off the bat, fans and the media feared it would come back to haunt the team.

Kevin Love Entering Last Year of his Contract

Kevin Love is in his last year of the aforementioned contract. The team needs him or the right compensation for him via a trade. Note to Timberwolves: Why would a team enter into a trade with you, knowing he will be a free agent after next season? They won’t and if they do, you will get bubkas.

The time to sign Love is now. The team needs to offer him an extension (length) with great compensation or they will lose the best and most valuable player since Kevin Garnett. The chances of the Timberpuppies offering Love that type of contract don't seem good at all.

Glen Taylor seems to have made it clear that the team wouldn’t offer much more in the way of a two year extension, something Love’s camp would sneer, ridicule and laugh at.

Kevin Love Seems Destined to be Anywhere Else but Minnesota in 2015

Minnesota Timberwolves fans should enjoy Love’s final season under his current contract. If history rears its ugly head again and history does repeat itself, fans of this team will see glen Taylor flub his way out of signing one of the NBA’s best players.

The Timberwolves are one of the few NBA teams and that could miss finding gold, even when the gold is staring them in the face. They do know how to sit on a hot potato.

Kevin Love fans will have to cheer for their favorite player when he’s in another team’s uniform and building. It will hurt to see him go and play for another team. It will hurt to see him play for a winning team that makes the playoffs but it will be nice to see him have success and be appreciated for it.

So it seems that the Minnesota Timberwolves are content with sitting on the hot potato even if it means getting burned and leaving fans with 20 more years to cheer for a dud of a team.

Kevin Lovel

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