Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New York Giants Trying to Emulate the New York Jets – Sign Josh Freeman

Josh Freeman Autographed Picture - 8x10The New York Giants are trying their best to emulate their New York football brothers, the New York Jets. Today the Giants signed Josh Freeman to a one year contract. Freeman is expected to compete to be Eli Manning’s backup.

The Jets have had issues at the quarterback position for a few years now. Mark Sanchez outlived his welcome in the Big Apple prior to last season and when he went down with an injury it allowed the Jets to start rookie QB Geno Smith. Smith wasn’t much better in his rookie season, so when the Jets recently dumped Sanchez, they hired another pathetic quarterback in Mike Vick.

Now Giants fans will learn how it feels to be a Giants fan.

Josh Freeman is a Disaster

Josh Freeman was released early into the 2013 season by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. By many accounts, Freeman was a slacker who wouldn’t toe the line. It is alleged that he missed meetings and didn’t put in the work (during practice or through film study) to improve his skills as a quarterback.

I wasn’t a fan of the Josh Freeman hiring. I was upset that Christian Ponder was still the team’s choice as the starter (when healthy) and didn’t want another pathetic quarterback on the team. I like Matt Cassell and thought he should have been named starter with Ponder as his backup (until the end of the season).

I was worried that the distraction that led to Freeman being released by Tampa Bay would follow him to Minnesota. I didn’t think that the embarrassment that this team was already should be allowed to get any worse. That fateful day against the Giants on national TV allowed the nation to witness the complete and utter self-destruction of the Minnesota Vikings.

It Only Took One Game before the Vikings to Realized they had Signed a Dud

The Minnesota Vikings realized one game into the Josh Freeman experiment (Monday Night Football against the New York Giants) that they had signed a guy who didn’t have the skills mentally or physically to compete at a high level in the NFL. Prior to this offseason, the Vikings coaching staff had real trouble evaluating the quarterback position.

That was evident with their handling of the Christian Ponder soap opera and debacle. Ponder was awful but the coaching staff still gave the pathetic quarterback chance after chance after chance. So you know Freeman had to be extra pathetic if the Vikings realized that they had made a mistake just one game into his Vikings tenure.

Giants Disregarded Evidence that Freeman is a Lost Cause

The thing that is sad about the Giants signing Josh Freeman is that they witnessed how pathetic Josh Freeman was in his first and only start with the Vikings. The Giants were the opponents on that dreadful Monday Night last October.

Anyone with half a brain cell realized that Josh Freeman is a terrible quarterback. Some people will argue that Freeman didn’t have enough time to learn the Vikings playbook and never should have been given the start.

It is true that the team shouldn’t have started Josh Freeman but the guy couldn’t complete even easy passes or short passes. Freeman wasn’t close to being accurate on passes that even rookie quarterbacks can complete.

Freeman’s accuracy was pathetic. Freeman went 20 of 53 for 193 yards. Pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe that performance.  A veteran should never make the mistakes that he made, experience with playbook or not.

After all the evidence that the Giants had at their disposal, they went out and signed one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL. It’s sad for Giants fans that their team is trying to out dumb the New York Jets.

Josh Freeman

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