Tuesday, April 29, 2014

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Bans Donald Sterling

Autographed West Photograph - LOGO w Inscr 16x20 PSA DNAOn Tuesday afternoon, Adam Silver led by example and showed the world that racism will not be tolerated in the NBA. In his first major scandal since taking over as commissioner, Adam Silver acted swiftly and decisively against Donald Sterling.

The penalty handed out to Sterling is among the toughest ever in sports. Sterling has been banned from the NBA and the Los Angeles Clippers for life and was also fined 2.5 million dollars. Donald Sterling has been put in his rightful place. He can have no, zero, nada involvement with the Clippers.

Adam Silver Does the Right Thing for the NBA

Many people around the world were waiting for Silver’s reaction to the alleged racist comments made by Donald Sterling. Silver left no doubt that he is a strong leader and will do what’s right for his league and the NBA community.

The NBA has now made itself a model for other league’s to follow. Adam Silver left no doubt that he will not tolerate people like Sterling, even if they are an owner of an NBA team and even if they are a billionaire.

Silver Shows the Sports World that he has Sweeping Powers

There were questions regarding the powers of an NBA commissioner. Sterling left no doubt that he has sweeping powers when dealing with rogue owners. He can ban them for life. I’m sure Silver ensured that this move was legal.

I’m happy that Silver moved quickly on this issue. The NBA and not Donald Sterling had the last word and the most powerful word. The words of punishment and decency destroyed the words of a racist man and we should be happy about that.

Donald Sterling can no longer use the Los Angeles Clippers as a vehicle for hatred and discrimination. Sterling will have to find other vehicles for that.

I’m not a betting man but I’m sure that those vehicles will be far and few between.

Donald Sterling will lead an Isolated Life

Donald Sterling has likely alienated his friends and business partners. He is likely to live a life of solitude. I doubt this evil man will be able to use this time to reflect on his life and his racism. Men like Sterling rarely accept blame and rarely can be rehabilitated.

Sterling is an old man. He’s probably held racist beliefs his whole life. Those beliefs are most likely ingrained into his psyche. Those beliefs have tarnished his reputation, not that he had a good one to begin with.

For the remainder of his life he will be remembered as a racist owner who was banned by the NBA. Even after his death he will be remembered as a racist owner who was banned from the NBA. Donald Sterling’s legacy will be one of  a racist man. There will be very little if anything positive to say about the man.

Kudos to Adam Silver for coming down hard on Sterling. Adam Silver couldn't have handed out a tougher penalty. Well…maybe if he would have fined him 10 million dollars. Adam Silver is on his way to gaining the respect of both the fans and the players and that’s something that’s needed in the NBA.

Donald Sterling Banned

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