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Minnesota Twins Manageer Ron Gardenhire Reaches 1,000 Wins as Team Manager

Ron Gardenhire Autographed Picture - Minnesota TwinsMinnesota Twins manager Ron Gardenhire reached 1,000 wins Saturday afternoon as the Twins beat the Cleveland Indians 7-3. Congratulations to Gardenhire but let's analyze how great an accomplishment this really is.

I might be too picky but the only thing that 1,000 wins means to me is that Ron is in his 13th season (5 games into the 2014 season) with the same team.. That is pretty good. That is longevity and it should be praised. Even I'm impressed with how long he's managed the Twins.

Reaching 1,000 victories is a milestone but Ron's teams have lost almost as many games as they've won. The Twins have lost 950 games under his leadership. Will we be lauding Gardenhire when the Twins reach the 1,000 loss milestone later this season?

If we are to praise him for reaching 1,000 wins, we should criticize him for reaching 1,000 losses when that happens. Fair is fair isn't it? The Twins have had 4 losing seasons in his 12 years as manager and they are sure to have another losing season in 2014. Gardenhire's teams have only won only 51% of their games.

It's not all Gardenhire's fault that his teams have lost so many games. Team ownership hasn't exactly opened up their wallets to put great talent on the field in the past few seasons. The team spends very little money.

With that said, Gardenhire has had many talented player; even if most of them go to greener pastures once there contracts are over. They go to teams that are willing to pay them good money. That's what Tori Hunter did. I can go on and on but that isn't the point of this article.

I think that Ron has done some good things with the Twins and some bad ones as well. What frustrates the most about Gardenhire is his reluctance to yank a pitcher who is struggling on the mound. Ron eventually yanks the pitcher but by that time the game has virtually been lost.

I know this should be a celebration and I'm criticizing a manger who's managed his team to 1,000 victories. As I said before, his 1,000 victories is impressive due ti the fact that he's been able to remain as manager for so long. But I want to see Gardenhire do something with nothing. That's what he has now.

If Ron can avoid another losing season in 2014, I will give him credit, because that would be more impressive than 1,000 wins. That's because the Twins are a terrible team. They have terrible pitching and I believe on most nights, their batting won't show up either. That's just my opinion.

So congrats to Ron for reaching 1,000 victories. I wish it would have been achieved in a year that the Twins were competing for the playoffs.

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