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Milan Lucic $5,000 Fine is Joke - Shame on the NHL

Signed Milan Lucic Photograph - 16x20The NHL fined Boston Bruins player Milan Lucic $5,000 for a low blow or should I say poking his stick from behind at Dan DeKeyser's groin. $5,000 for a vicious spear to the groin of another player? Is the NHL kidding? Why does Lucic get away with a measely $5,000 fine? That's pocket change for Milan. Milan acted like a goon and he was fined only $5,000.

Milan Lucic Should Have Been Suspended

Lucic speared a player in the groin but the NHL thought that it only deserved a $5,000 fine. I guess the clowns at the NHL have never been hurt in their groin. For those of us that have, it is extremely painful and it knocks the wind out of you.

Most of us have not had a professional hockey player take a whack at their groin. That would be a major injury if that happened to the regular Joe. It is universally understood that it is unacceptable to hit a man in in his groin area.

You have to be a sick pathetic person to spear a person in the groin. You have to be a piece of garbage to do that. You would have to have no common sense to spear a player in their groin and you would have to have no common sense if you only fined a player $5,000 for hitting a player in their groin. I guess the NHL is void of common sense.

NHL is Inconsistent

The NHL is not consistent with handing out penalties. They will hand down a lengthy fine to one player and then hand out a measly fine to another player who acted just as viciously. I have no idea what goes on in the puny and pathetic minds of the NHL's leadership but they are lacking good judgment.

Here is a list of recent suspensions and fines.

1) Mike Rupp of the Minnesota Wild was suspended for four games for making contact to the head of St. Louis Blues player T.J. Oshie in the Wild's second to last game of the regular season. The hit deserved a suspension but not four games. There was no intent to injure. Careless? Yes. Vicious? No.

Rupp did not intentionally target Oshie's head. It happened in the course of a play where Oshie skated towards Rupp and had his head down. Rupp should have been more careful on the play but I don't believe he intentionally targeted Oshie's head.

Brent Seabrook Autographed Picture - 11x14 w COA2) Then there's Brent Seabrook who was suspended only three games for intentionally charging St. Louis player David Backes. Seabrook started to leave his feet and placed his shoulder intentionally at the head of Backes. If Rupp was suspended for four games, Seabrook should have been suspended for 5 games.

3) After game one against the St. Louis Blues, Head Coach Joel Quenneville was fined a whopping $25,000 for grabbing own coconuts. So Quennevill received a $25,000 fine for grabbing his groin and Milan Lucic was fined only $5,000 for whacking another player's groin? Does that make sense to you? It makes no sense to me.

By the standards or lack thereof that the NHL set on the Quenneville fine, Lucic should have been fined $250,000. The lack of consistency here is troubling and disconcerting. It's time for the NHL to sit down and figure out a way to be consistent with their fines and suspensions. Then they should communicate that to the players, coaches and management of NHL teams.

The only way to explain this nonsense is for me to believe that the NHL has their favorite players. They want these players to get back into the lineup as soon as possible so they will hand out the lowest penalty they can stomach.

The fine against Lucic is bush league and makes the NHL look like an amateur and rogue league.

Milan Lucic

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